05 January 2012


Ok. I know you were waiting impatiently.

Here is what I learned about shrimp:
1. Don't buy it from Safeway. Seafood on sale means that it has been dead and out of the ocean for longer than its lifespan. Everyone knows that. Check out Kitchen Confidential why not to order fish on a Monday.
2. When the shell is hard to break with a knife to devein the thing, it's old.
3. When you eat shrimp with homemade ketchup, it's delicious. Even if Safeway scammed you.

Here is what you can learn about ketchup:
1. We modified the recipe from a couple different blogs. Here is our best version:
Broil 8 halved tomatoes (vine tomatoes- about two pounds) with olive oil under high electric oven prongs.
Flip them over.
Pull the skin off while they're still hot. See who can hold them the longest.
Puree in your machine with blades.
Sautee garlic, ginger, salt, paprika, cayenne, 5 spice(?), pepper, chili flakes, 1 T brown sugar together. Add the tomatoes that you have been simmering for an hour.
Stir in apple cider vinegar. About a little more than 1/4 cup.
Watch it simmer until it explodes. At this point you should stir it until it has ketchup consistency but looks orange.
Add 1 can tomato paste and a little water. It should look red now.
Score. You're so cool.

Here is what you can learn about Malaysian food in a Vermont girl's kitchen (read "I'm starting to learn about culture because the North is very white):
Saute shrimp with chili flakes in butter because butter tastes good.
Boil noodles. We were pretending to be fusion Italian chefs so we used linguine. You may use rice, egg noodles, or another obscure grain.
Bok choy, blanched and shocked. Or just dumped in the pasta water.

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