19 January 2012

Got jumped Part I

Here's how to make Swedish meatballs:
Ground pork
Ground beef
1 leek, 1 onion: fry in butter.
Soak soft bread in milk. Remove as much crust as possible or it will burn and you'll look stupid.
Combine, form into balls. Brown in cooking oil.
Finish in the oven at 350. Use your 15 minutes to browse YouTube for videos about yoga instructors that use terms like "genitals" and "pubic bone" and "grab some cheek" more than once per class.

Serve with SourCream sauce. Fold in the sour cream at the end so it doesn't curdle. Five spice, flour, and milk are your other ingredients.

Serve the leftovers the next day with the ketchup you made to a French anarchist, a marathon runner, and an experienced banjo player. But, you will serve it with your new favorite thing, a goat cheese croquette.

Up next --- the realest thing that ever happened to me. I think... Mom am I allowed to publish that online?

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