06 January 2012


Haaaa, they thought I couldn't do it. I finally figured out how to make fufu, a traditional African... supplement to a meal. You eat it with beef or meat or vegetables. Whatever you can find.

Boil any kind of flour (I used sorghum flour mixed with corn flourbecause I was still in hippy mode. I still don't know what it is.) until it has the consistency of cream of wheat.

If you don't know what that is you didn't have a childhood.

Then you have to really work it with a wooden spoon until its super sticky.

Oh stop it.

When you can mass the whole thing together in the middle of the pot, put it all in a wet bowl and shake/roll it around until it forms a ball.

Done! Your starch is ready!! You should consider fried plantains and spicy beef with steamed veg.

Sidenote - I am being escorted to Summit Music Hall in February to seeee......
The DARKNESS!! Wooooo!!
They're playing with the following:

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