30 December 2011

Poach me poach me

That's what we shout at work when we need poached eggs on a benedict to sell.

We also shout a lot about what she said.

In any case, I was not at work and not fetching poached eggs, which is unusual.

My friend who is working on starting her own blog for The Second Kitchen came over to cook and we made caramelappleupsidedownwhat?! I will let her tell you about it.

We had one apple leftover and some sauvignon blanc that had been in the fridge for at least 3 weeks. According to Momofuku, on a scale of 5 to -5, the goodness of keeping such wine in the refrigerator is -3. That means you should drink your whole bottle in approximately 32 hours.

Here is how to poach an apple. It's very in right now.

Boil your sweet wine (2 cups - the apples should be immersed) in your electric water heater because your stupid electric stove takes forever.
If you're fancy boil it with a cinnamon stick and a vanilla bean. If you're a normal person the stuff in the plastic circle things works fine too!
Put the apple in the poaching liquid.

Stop reading my self-centered blog and watch this:

Cut the apple in half if you're impatient like us.
Add Emily's mix of oats, raisins, coconut milk and shred, and brown sugar once you pull the apple. Put it in the core.

Add some sugar and reduce the wine by half. Drizzle artfully. Realize you are so cool you can make creme anglaise.
Its an egg yolk, milk or cream, sugar, and vanilla. Make sure you temper the eggs so it doesn't get too 'eggy'.

Drizzle that artfully too.




    Hey its Emily

    First: This is awesome. I need to give you the photos so it can be illustrated.

    Second: I want to see you, but unfortunately my phone is out of service (it broke). But let me know your email so we can figure something out.


  2. please make this when you come home!!!