14 December 2011


Believe it or not, Boulder, we're back.
We've been inspired because Whitney from the Daily showed us this link saying that we're on the site's list as one of 2011's most read stories!! Cool!
Get ready for a whole new kind of obnoxious because my winter break starts in about an hour after I knock out one more exam.

Two quick updates:
Cafe Aion on the Hill is rated best in Boulder for a reason.
All I eat now is potstickers.
BONUS!! That's about to change because we went grocery shopping today and there is actual food in the fridge. I'm making fried rice tonight with like five kinds of vegetables. And then I'll tell you how to make it.

Recipe for the best egg-streak-breaking breakfast you can find north of Pearl and west of 17th. That intersection doesn't mean anything to me.
Franch Toast:
Mix up an egg, some milk, and the following in a bowl. Don't drink the milk out of the carton because you'll spill and hit it on the oven vent and split your lip.
Grated ginger
Orange and grapefruit zest
Let the bread soak up your brilliant idea while you make canadian bacon eggs.
Use lots of butter
Make Bryn make the tea.

Welcome back yaaaa!

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