17 November 2011


I have had this stupid yam staring at me for a week so I destroyed it yesterday.

Destroying is what I've been doing to the eggs that I've forgotten how to cook.

You can make this from the dining hall - I'm sure they have cubed boiled yams.

Once the mofo is boiled, mash it around in the pot with salt, maple syrup, and a little cream.

Pecans finish.

16 November 2011

Mystery Soup

Someone left mystery soup in our fridge the other day, and we found it last night after an escapade to the rec center. 2nd time all semester.

So we're sitting at the table staring at it like,

no, it's shrimp?
baby shrimp.
I've never had baby shrimp.
There are peppers. Chili peppers?
No, real peppers.
Chicken thigh.
Cheese? Or is that corn and cream?
What makes it orange?
I dunno. What are these herb things?
Don't they put tarragon in fish stuff?

Turns out it was gumbo.
That's how you know you need a reality culture check.

09 November 2011


Dormet lives, yall.
Real quick how to make butter:

Heavy whipping cream in a jam jar.
Flavor? I think so.
Vanilla honey lemon.

Shake it for 15 minutes. It will go through a whip cream phase.
You know it's butter when it bundles into a ball and weird thin cream is left on the bottom.
COOOL! Thanksgiving distraction/entertainer/inappropriate joke central?