02 September 2011

So Dormet

I needed a pick me up before work last night, so my friend in Grocery pointed me to mint Guayaki. You want wings? Forget r*dbull. This stuff will make you use terms like "quixotic" and "fairy princess" and you'll jump up and down and make friends with EVERY customer.

Break time is a good time to come down from Guayaki flight.

Three of us were sitting at the... pizza bar? One had brisket and one had rice and I had 4 rolls, a pear, and an end piece of pepper jack. Know what I did with my combination?

Yeah, and you can do it in the dorms too!

Be sure to slice the pear and cheese really thin. You only need one roll. I got 4 because that's how they come on sale at Alfalfa's. If you're feeling gutsy, add some butter for what they call...

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