06 September 2011

Quality Control

I went home yesterday for a hot minute. Here's how I know my parents don't love me anymore:
1) My mom said hi to Bryn first
2) She told me that the quality of this blog is disintegrating.

So I'm out to prove a point. I'm doing that by sitting at Vic's drinking hot chocolate because it's freezing and I can't handle more coffee and it really was a bad idea because now I'm way too hot and people aren't supposed to drink milk after age 7. There's soup on the stove that I should probably check on too...

But here's the catch-
How do you make soup?! I've never made it before! I'm freaking out.
I got a salad from work the other night because they were on their way out and I already had one for lunch, so I figured that if I threw this pumpkin seed corn bean thing in a pot with chicken stock, maybe it will turn into something? I think I'm gonna blend it.

OH my gosh how do I get all wrapped up in these kinds of things? I should be thinking about Turkey and Israel, but I'm really focused on whether I should have done something with the onions first.

Maybe I should have gone to trade school. Maybe I should stop talking about myself all the time.

Which brings me back to my point. We'll try to be a little more consistent and intelligent with our posts. Things should calm down soon. Or maybe not... this 7 year old drinking coffee and wearing a backwards hat with those stupid roller shoes just stared me down while rolling. Boulder is so weird.

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