02 September 2011

Look Ma! I Made Bread

Sure bread is only a buck ninety nine at Ideal Market but imagine the glory and connection to nineteenth century bakers you feel when you bake your own. Yeah. That's right. It's great. So get 3 cups of whole wheat flour and one cup of all purp. for like 76 cents. A pack of active dry yeast and honey and you practically have a loaf. Sure there's some yeast rising and baking time but you can go sit on your neighbors porch for a while and talk about state official stories before it's even done. The recipe I used was from Good Housekeeping and understandably not worth sharing there was some dryness in the texture and not enough honey....but! One of those chatty stoner neighbors of ours comes from a long line of bakers in the South so maybe I'll be able to trick him into getting the secret family recipe....a-yo! For now I'll sit on the porch with my homemade bread and pretend, I dunno, I have a bonnet on and am traveling west in a covered wagon. Oregon Trail 2011.

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