14 September 2011

Down to the Skivvies

I even took pictures.

Unfortunately, however, I can't find my connecty thing OR my passport, so we're all in a tight spot.

Just found them both!!

I really wish I could show you the poblano I roasted for pancakes tomorrow and the corn and the acorn squash but they're all stuck on my camera. The brat was too beautiful, so I'm keeping that to myself. But it had apples in it and I cooked it in PBR because it's been in our fridge for like two weeks now (so responsible) and it was all very beautiful.

I'm not going to tell you how to make that though. I'm just going to give you another grilled cheese recipe.

Know why?


And, since we didn't have any balsamic, we used our white wine vinegar, salt, and pepper. Leave the sandwich open faced and add the tomatoes at the end for the best meltage. Add some basil or... rosemary? and you're in the money.

Please cook one up at the CFORCE for me and let us know how it goes!

...Some nerdy showtunes for you to overcome the skrillex bumpin down from upstairs

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