26 September 2011


WARNING there are cuss words. For your listening pleasure. This picture doesn't move.

How many variations of butter can you fit in YOUR meal?!

We made butternut squash soup and sausage and pasta last night and it was the best dinner ever. It tasted like real food and everything.

Actually, I told Bryn I wanted soup and she made it. I just cut stuff up because I still don't get how to make soup.

After complaining about holding the banana and the Amish apple sausage at the store and embarrassing Bryn in front of her coworkers (I don't work there anymore- new mystery location for me to tell you about!!) we went home (in the car OHEMGEE) and made this following pretty little thing that yall should totes replicate:

2T butter: melt in saucepan
1 small onion: add sliced
1.5 lb (ish) butternut squash: add in 1" pieces
2 C water: Throw those in with
1/2 bouillon cube of choice (we got chicken so we use chicken)
Cook on... medium? Until the squash is soft, then blend it. Try not to freak out when the blender starts leaking because your roommate put it back together wrong and spill it all over the fridge.
Back in the pan for nutmeg salt and pepper. You're so cool.
Garnish with rosemary, some form of cream, and some red fruit reduction. We didn't do that but it would be pretty. You're trying to become an expo.

Heat up Spinelli's spicy vodka sauce. Add some feta or whatever ends you have in the fridge.
Add your leftover elbow noodles from when you made Mater Christi goulash with Brook from Vermont.

Steam 2 brats with port and water. Allow to rest a few minutes before hacking at them; they'll be easy to cut into angled slices. There's a proper name but I don't know it.

Steep chai tea in milk in your bombtastic electric water heater. It will be a pain to clean, so do it in a saucepan instead. Add a little vanilla, cinnamon, and honey. Drink as dessert because it takes FOREVER.

You're welcome.

Side note:
This kid made donuts. Not just any donuts... CIDER DONUTS!!
Recipe to come, if you want it. Yeah, you do. Mostly, you want to hear about how I lit a towel on fire and why I can't use my garbage disposal and there's glass in my hand. All that to come soon.


  1. please try to avoid the hospital during your adventures in cooking...

  2. yumm, that recipe sounds delicious :)