26 September 2011


WARNING there are cuss words. For your listening pleasure. This picture doesn't move.

How many variations of butter can you fit in YOUR meal?!

We made butternut squash soup and sausage and pasta last night and it was the best dinner ever. It tasted like real food and everything.

Actually, I told Bryn I wanted soup and she made it. I just cut stuff up because I still don't get how to make soup.

After complaining about holding the banana and the Amish apple sausage at the store and embarrassing Bryn in front of her coworkers (I don't work there anymore- new mystery location for me to tell you about!!) we went home (in the car OHEMGEE) and made this following pretty little thing that yall should totes replicate:

2T butter: melt in saucepan
1 small onion: add sliced
1.5 lb (ish) butternut squash: add in 1" pieces
2 C water: Throw those in with
1/2 bouillon cube of choice (we got chicken so we use chicken)
Cook on... medium? Until the squash is soft, then blend it. Try not to freak out when the blender starts leaking because your roommate put it back together wrong and spill it all over the fridge.
Back in the pan for nutmeg salt and pepper. You're so cool.
Garnish with rosemary, some form of cream, and some red fruit reduction. We didn't do that but it would be pretty. You're trying to become an expo.

Heat up Spinelli's spicy vodka sauce. Add some feta or whatever ends you have in the fridge.
Add your leftover elbow noodles from when you made Mater Christi goulash with Brook from Vermont.

Steam 2 brats with port and water. Allow to rest a few minutes before hacking at them; they'll be easy to cut into angled slices. There's a proper name but I don't know it.

Steep chai tea in milk in your bombtastic electric water heater. It will be a pain to clean, so do it in a saucepan instead. Add a little vanilla, cinnamon, and honey. Drink as dessert because it takes FOREVER.

You're welcome.

Side note:
This kid made donuts. Not just any donuts... CIDER DONUTS!!
Recipe to come, if you want it. Yeah, you do. Mostly, you want to hear about how I lit a towel on fire and why I can't use my garbage disposal and there's glass in my hand. All that to come soon.

14 September 2011

Down to the Skivvies

I even took pictures.

Unfortunately, however, I can't find my connecty thing OR my passport, so we're all in a tight spot.

Just found them both!!

I really wish I could show you the poblano I roasted for pancakes tomorrow and the corn and the acorn squash but they're all stuck on my camera. The brat was too beautiful, so I'm keeping that to myself. But it had apples in it and I cooked it in PBR because it's been in our fridge for like two weeks now (so responsible) and it was all very beautiful.

I'm not going to tell you how to make that though. I'm just going to give you another grilled cheese recipe.

Know why?


And, since we didn't have any balsamic, we used our white wine vinegar, salt, and pepper. Leave the sandwich open faced and add the tomatoes at the end for the best meltage. Add some basil or... rosemary? and you're in the money.

Please cook one up at the CFORCE for me and let us know how it goes!

...Some nerdy showtunes for you to overcome the skrillex bumpin down from upstairs

06 September 2011

Quality Control

I went home yesterday for a hot minute. Here's how I know my parents don't love me anymore:
1) My mom said hi to Bryn first
2) She told me that the quality of this blog is disintegrating.

So I'm out to prove a point. I'm doing that by sitting at Vic's drinking hot chocolate because it's freezing and I can't handle more coffee and it really was a bad idea because now I'm way too hot and people aren't supposed to drink milk after age 7. There's soup on the stove that I should probably check on too...

But here's the catch-
How do you make soup?! I've never made it before! I'm freaking out.
I got a salad from work the other night because they were on their way out and I already had one for lunch, so I figured that if I threw this pumpkin seed corn bean thing in a pot with chicken stock, maybe it will turn into something? I think I'm gonna blend it.

OH my gosh how do I get all wrapped up in these kinds of things? I should be thinking about Turkey and Israel, but I'm really focused on whether I should have done something with the onions first.

Maybe I should have gone to trade school. Maybe I should stop talking about myself all the time.

Which brings me back to my point. We'll try to be a little more consistent and intelligent with our posts. Things should calm down soon. Or maybe not... this 7 year old drinking coffee and wearing a backwards hat with those stupid roller shoes just stared me down while rolling. Boulder is so weird.

04 September 2011

Moving picture No 2

What we do for fun....

That night we also made chocolate sauces for our choffles. Chocolate waffles that we turned into pancakes.

You combine sugar and egg yolk, then slowly add in your hot milk/chocolate/sugar combo. You're so smart.

03 September 2011

Peach Popsicles

The other day I told someone that my name "is like German for a falcon hustler or something."

You're welcome Mom. Here's the recipe you gave me from Marczyk's from The NY Times with forgetful modifications.

To our audience: There are a lot of peace hustlers out there right now. Buy them up to make jam... or popsicles!

Blend peaches lemon juice roasted ginger sugar and put them into
a) silicone cupcake cups (score)
b) ice cube trays
c) bottoms of water bottles that you cut up
d) I'm open to suggestions

wait an hour to stick forks into them.

02 September 2011

Look Ma! I Made Bread

Sure bread is only a buck ninety nine at Ideal Market but imagine the glory and connection to nineteenth century bakers you feel when you bake your own. Yeah. That's right. It's great. So get 3 cups of whole wheat flour and one cup of all purp. for like 76 cents. A pack of active dry yeast and honey and you practically have a loaf. Sure there's some yeast rising and baking time but you can go sit on your neighbors porch for a while and talk about state official stories before it's even done. The recipe I used was from Good Housekeeping and understandably not worth sharing there was some dryness in the texture and not enough honey....but! One of those chatty stoner neighbors of ours comes from a long line of bakers in the South so maybe I'll be able to trick him into getting the secret family recipe....a-yo! For now I'll sit on the porch with my homemade bread and pretend, I dunno, I have a bonnet on and am traveling west in a covered wagon. Oregon Trail 2011.

So Dormet

I needed a pick me up before work last night, so my friend in Grocery pointed me to mint Guayaki. You want wings? Forget r*dbull. This stuff will make you use terms like "quixotic" and "fairy princess" and you'll jump up and down and make friends with EVERY customer.

Break time is a good time to come down from Guayaki flight.

Three of us were sitting at the... pizza bar? One had brisket and one had rice and I had 4 rolls, a pear, and an end piece of pepper jack. Know what I did with my combination?

Yeah, and you can do it in the dorms too!

Be sure to slice the pear and cheese really thin. You only need one roll. I got 4 because that's how they come on sale at Alfalfa's. If you're feeling gutsy, add some butter for what they call...