24 August 2011

Tip #2

Pay attention to the news.

It took me til this morning to find out about that.

ON A LIGHTER NOTE... Those bags that they put apples in?

Save them!
They come in handy for:
storing half onions
storing half meals
organizing school supplies
not buying saran wrap
wrapping sandwiches
snack bags
illicit substances
pocket shots
waterproofing electronics
as a bandaid substitute
...what else?

Also... quick summer note for you! Someone taught us how to make fried green tomatos. It's a right fine time to do it because they're tart and they go really well in burgers and sandwiches!
Flip the slices in flour, then beaten eggs, then a flour/cornmeal mix. Fry them and you'll be happy for the next 15-30 hours.

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