22 August 2011

Tip #1

Welcome back!
Because I'm sure you haven't heard that enough today.
I got a flat overinflating my tire and the bike station is closed til 1 for registering bikes so I'm drinking coffee out of a jar and eating rice out of a quart container. I'm sure you can guess where I am.

It's not Norlin because it smells too much like perfume and burnt hair over there.
Anyway, for all the freshmen that don't know about us yet, we're going to start some helpful hints on how to Dormet it up once the C4C stops feeling like heaven.

We'll start out nice and easy, ok?

Tip #1:
Bring at least 1 waterbottle to the dining hall. Fill it with milk.
Buy Ovaltine from target. Use the jam jar you saved from home to shake it all together. No spoon necessary! Wooo hooo!

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