31 August 2011

Summer is Dying

Slowly though, so you still have time to make this lovely salad. If you're not in class or at work regretting your existence as it is now.

The best thing about it?

I get tired of feeling like a stupid deer (they just hang out in the streets) walking around chomping on plants sometimes. Other times I like it. Uhm moving on.

Slice some heirloom tomatoes. Make sure they're different colors because it's aesthetically pleasing and I'm pretty sure there's some taste variation. Or pick them up from the sammich cart in the dining hall.

Roast a beet in tinfoil preferably on a grill, but you can in the oven. Get different colors for those too! When you can handle them, slice those nice and skinny too. One might say, translucent.

Add sliced cucumber - did you know there are various varieties!? Make that happen.

The dressing we used was 1:3 apple cider vinegar to olive oil, thyme, salt, and sugar. It wasn't my idea but I made it and it was beautiful.

Gently toss? stir? melanger? everything with a little bit of salt to bring out the flavor/juice.

Promise, you'll be a happy camper. Just like us when we're cooking at the demo kitchen! Thanks for the picture Barbara!

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