28 August 2011

Sneaky Bagels

Like the resta yall, I don't really love paying for food, unless it's for massive beets at the farmers market or fancy cheese and the like. So when slurping the guts out of a tomato after running before International Business doesn't cut it, you can grab a bagel from your closest on-campus coffee shop.

Skip the cream cheese. Wanna know why? I bet you already do.
A lot of cream cheese is from cows treated with rBST GROWTH HORMONES that cause cows to get sores on their udders. The sores puss into the milk, and though safe to eat, cow puss kinda grosses me out, especially in spreadable form.
Have you ever thought about chocolate milk? That's why Ovaltine is lovely.

Ok uhmm I'm hopping off my high horse to tell you the other reason I don't like cream cheese is because I don't like throwing the extra dollar for it. I'd rather put that in the tip jar so....

what I'm getting at is...
pick up the bagel
bring it to the milk station or whatever you call it - what is that called?
Agave nectar? Honey? Sugar?
Go for it.
You could even use the microwave. I think it's a microwave... they have one at Trep Cafe in the Business building, at Alfalfas... I'll do some sleuthing and find out where the rest are.

Happy freeloading, hippies!

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