11 August 2011

Slumdog Millionaire

Oh how it's been so long... we're so sorry we've been gone....
we were busy... moving in?

Yeah I copped that from Panic at the Disco. Eeek.

But we're back!! Moved into Boulder in the same house, so things are gonna get crazy. Come see us Tuesday night, we'll be working Alfalfa's Fill the Fridge shebang from 7-10 pm!

In the meantime, (until we get internet) here's a good one for you:

Waffle mix
Flax seeds ground in a coffee maker
Justin's peanut butter and honey (it's ok everyonceinawhile to buy yuppibutter)
Spiced whip cream

Celebratory move in.

More updates later on VT, our bombtastic neighbors, and raiding a house. We're still thinking about you.

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