18 August 2011

Dormet Demo - Update

We made so many friends at Fill the Fridge night!

We also hung up about 500 flyers on the hill, campus, and Pearl Street.
Despite sounding a little bit like dancers at the Bus Stop being called the "Dormet Girls" and my new name tag being "Spanky" from Little Rascals, the night went really well!

Here are the recipes from College Nite at Alfalfa's.
Here are our recipes! Attached is our tag, we'd love for it to go on the recipes! Thanks, we can't wait!!
Faulkner and Bryn

Hangover Dinner
serves however many friends are still kickin around your place
8 eggs
English muffins 
.5 lb bacon or sausage
1 package hash browns
whichever cheese you please
salt n' peppa galore
hot sauce
Cook bacon or sausage slow over low heat. Remove before ultra crispy. Save the fat for other endeavors. 
Cook hashbrowns with meat fat, salt and pepper
Stir eggs in large bowl with salt and pepper
Lay english muffin halves in a buttered pan to go into the oven. Pour eggs on top. 
Add bacon, hash browns and cheese in that order.
Pour into pie dish add salt and pepper
Bake for at 400F for about 15-20 minutes. You'll be hanging out drinking juice in the kitchen anyway, so just keep an eye on it. 
Serve with hot sauce and get ready for round two. 

Add-ins, if you're fancy pants:

Peach Crisp  

For crust
2C animal cookies, crushed
4T melted butter

For peaches
3-4 peaches cut into 1/8 slices
1T lemon juice
1/2C brown sugar 

Crush your cookies and add the melted butter
Press the crust into your pan

Toss peaches with the lemon juice and brown sugar
Pour over animal cookie crust

Now toss some granola or cereal or leftover cookies on top and bake for 45 min. at 350F. So easy!

Banana Ice Cream 
Serves 2
4 frozen bananas... or as many bananas as you're hungry for.
   Slice bananas into nickels and stick them in the freezer til they're frozen. 
 Blend that with some vanilla extract or some spice - cinnamon for you romantics and cayenne for the bad ass rogues.
Spoon into bowls and you got yourself a mighty fine bowl of ice cream

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