31 August 2011

Summer is Dying

Slowly though, so you still have time to make this lovely salad. If you're not in class or at work regretting your existence as it is now.

The best thing about it?

I get tired of feeling like a stupid deer (they just hang out in the streets) walking around chomping on plants sometimes. Other times I like it. Uhm moving on.

Slice some heirloom tomatoes. Make sure they're different colors because it's aesthetically pleasing and I'm pretty sure there's some taste variation. Or pick them up from the sammich cart in the dining hall.

Roast a beet in tinfoil preferably on a grill, but you can in the oven. Get different colors for those too! When you can handle them, slice those nice and skinny too. One might say, translucent.

Add sliced cucumber - did you know there are various varieties!? Make that happen.

The dressing we used was 1:3 apple cider vinegar to olive oil, thyme, salt, and sugar. It wasn't my idea but I made it and it was beautiful.

Gently toss? stir? melanger? everything with a little bit of salt to bring out the flavor/juice.

Promise, you'll be a happy camper. Just like us when we're cooking at the demo kitchen! Thanks for the picture Barbara!

28 August 2011

Sneaky Bagels

Like the resta yall, I don't really love paying for food, unless it's for massive beets at the farmers market or fancy cheese and the like. So when slurping the guts out of a tomato after running before International Business doesn't cut it, you can grab a bagel from your closest on-campus coffee shop.

Skip the cream cheese. Wanna know why? I bet you already do.
A lot of cream cheese is from cows treated with rBST GROWTH HORMONES that cause cows to get sores on their udders. The sores puss into the milk, and though safe to eat, cow puss kinda grosses me out, especially in spreadable form.
Have you ever thought about chocolate milk? That's why Ovaltine is lovely.

Ok uhmm I'm hopping off my high horse to tell you the other reason I don't like cream cheese is because I don't like throwing the extra dollar for it. I'd rather put that in the tip jar so....

what I'm getting at is...
pick up the bagel
bring it to the milk station or whatever you call it - what is that called?
Agave nectar? Honey? Sugar?
Go for it.
You could even use the microwave. I think it's a microwave... they have one at Trep Cafe in the Business building, at Alfalfas... I'll do some sleuthing and find out where the rest are.

Happy freeloading, hippies!

24 August 2011

Tip #2

Pay attention to the news.

It took me til this morning to find out about that.

ON A LIGHTER NOTE... Those bags that they put apples in?

Save them!
They come in handy for:
storing half onions
storing half meals
organizing school supplies
not buying saran wrap
wrapping sandwiches
snack bags
illicit substances
pocket shots
waterproofing electronics
as a bandaid substitute
...what else?

Also... quick summer note for you! Someone taught us how to make fried green tomatos. It's a right fine time to do it because they're tart and they go really well in burgers and sandwiches!
Flip the slices in flour, then beaten eggs, then a flour/cornmeal mix. Fry them and you'll be happy for the next 15-30 hours.

22 August 2011

Tip #1

Welcome back!
Because I'm sure you haven't heard that enough today.
I got a flat overinflating my tire and the bike station is closed til 1 for registering bikes so I'm drinking coffee out of a jar and eating rice out of a quart container. I'm sure you can guess where I am.

It's not Norlin because it smells too much like perfume and burnt hair over there.
Anyway, for all the freshmen that don't know about us yet, we're going to start some helpful hints on how to Dormet it up once the C4C stops feeling like heaven.

We'll start out nice and easy, ok?

Tip #1:
Bring at least 1 waterbottle to the dining hall. Fill it with milk.
Buy Ovaltine from target. Use the jam jar you saved from home to shake it all together. No spoon necessary! Wooo hooo!

18 August 2011

Dormet Demo - Update

We made so many friends at Fill the Fridge night!

We also hung up about 500 flyers on the hill, campus, and Pearl Street.
Despite sounding a little bit like dancers at the Bus Stop being called the "Dormet Girls" and my new name tag being "Spanky" from Little Rascals, the night went really well!

Here are the recipes from College Nite at Alfalfa's.
Here are our recipes! Attached is our tag, we'd love for it to go on the recipes! Thanks, we can't wait!!
Faulkner and Bryn

Hangover Dinner
serves however many friends are still kickin around your place
8 eggs
English muffins 
.5 lb bacon or sausage
1 package hash browns
whichever cheese you please
salt n' peppa galore
hot sauce
Cook bacon or sausage slow over low heat. Remove before ultra crispy. Save the fat for other endeavors. 
Cook hashbrowns with meat fat, salt and pepper
Stir eggs in large bowl with salt and pepper
Lay english muffin halves in a buttered pan to go into the oven. Pour eggs on top. 
Add bacon, hash browns and cheese in that order.
Pour into pie dish add salt and pepper
Bake for at 400F for about 15-20 minutes. You'll be hanging out drinking juice in the kitchen anyway, so just keep an eye on it. 
Serve with hot sauce and get ready for round two. 

Add-ins, if you're fancy pants:

Peach Crisp  

For crust
2C animal cookies, crushed
4T melted butter

For peaches
3-4 peaches cut into 1/8 slices
1T lemon juice
1/2C brown sugar 

Crush your cookies and add the melted butter
Press the crust into your pan

Toss peaches with the lemon juice and brown sugar
Pour over animal cookie crust

Now toss some granola or cereal or leftover cookies on top and bake for 45 min. at 350F. So easy!

Banana Ice Cream 
Serves 2
4 frozen bananas... or as many bananas as you're hungry for.
   Slice bananas into nickels and stick them in the freezer til they're frozen. 
 Blend that with some vanilla extract or some spice - cinnamon for you romantics and cayenne for the bad ass rogues.
Spoon into bowls and you got yourself a mighty fine bowl of ice cream

15 August 2011

Dormet Demo!

Bryn and I will be at Alfalfa's from 7-10 tomorrow night making peach crisp, banana ice cream, and hangover casserole. Check it out before you hit the town for twisted tuesday!

14 August 2011

Peaches n Cream

 1. You can make eggs in a snackster!

2. Peaches and cream ss the name of a type of corn. Buy some from the farmers market. You'll eat it like a starving child.

You should also just buy peaches. Serve them with a salad:

Fresh greens from the CUGL garden
Poached egg
Maple lemon dressing

and... gazpacho.

Yeah we did that in the dark too. Actually I mostly told other people what to do, but it all worked out pretty well.

11 August 2011

Slumdog Millionaire

Oh how it's been so long... we're so sorry we've been gone....
we were busy... moving in?

Yeah I copped that from Panic at the Disco. Eeek.

But we're back!! Moved into Boulder in the same house, so things are gonna get crazy. Come see us Tuesday night, we'll be working Alfalfa's Fill the Fridge shebang from 7-10 pm!

In the meantime, (until we get internet) here's a good one for you:

Waffle mix
Flax seeds ground in a coffee maker
Justin's peanut butter and honey (it's ok everyonceinawhile to buy yuppibutter)
Spiced whip cream

Celebratory move in.

More updates later on VT, our bombtastic neighbors, and raiding a house. We're still thinking about you.