14 July 2011

Rasta Pastah Mon

This one goes out to all my Boulder maryjane enthusiasts that like their munchies raw. And I say that in my most endearing not-condescending tone. I still sound sarcastic but I'm really not this time.

Rasta Pasta, equal parts all veggies
Red peppers [diced] for the blood of all living things in the world...
Corn for all the treasures in the world that people cherish....
Edamame for the earth that people walk on.....

I threw in some chopped white onion for flavor factor.
I imagine jalapeno would be good too but I'm anti-spicy.

Deliver the Rastafarian manifestation in vegetable form in a used Jif jar.
The layering is purely for presentation. It should be shook before eaten.

Daaaank dude.
Munch on Boulder....

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