14 July 2011

Ramen Gnocchi

Dormet worked in the demo kitchen at Alfalfa's yesterday!

I found the recipe for gnocci made out of ramen in a new quarterly that I can't find online, but you can check out some of David Chang's other work on this funsie site. His home site is Momofuku, which means Lucky Peach. Cool!

The cool thing about this gnocchi is that the high processed flour in ramen mixed with milk makes a pate a choux, which is a French pastry base for eclairs, beignets, or cream puffs.

Here's the recipe we handed out:

2 C 2% or whole milk
2 pkg ramen (store the flavoring for when you're too lazy to make broth - like for the sauce!)
4 egg yolks
3 T butter
salt TT

Bring milk to a boil, turn off heat.
Add the ramen and break it apart with a fork.
Steep 1 minute, then strain, keeping the milk. Noodles should still be firm.
Blend the ramen with 1 C milk - you might need to push the mixture down into the blade so it doesn't overheat!
When the mixture is cool enough that it won't cook the eggs (comfortable to touch), and the yolks one at a time.
Blend in the salt and 1 T butter while you're at it!

Start boiling a pot of water. While it's heating, put the pate a choux you've just made into a pastry or sandwich bag.
Use a pastry scraper, cheese grater, or straightedge to push the pate a choux into the corner with the hole.
Squeeze the dough out into the water, cutting it into about 1/2'' segments.
Scoop the noodles out when they float to the top with preferably a screen, but anything with holes.
Make sure as much water is shaken off as possible.

Place on a greased plate or tray and chill to room temp in the fridge or freezer - just make sure that the gnocchi is room temp when you go to saute it!

Get the skillet real hot - enough that the butter foams when you add it, but doesn't evaporate. Spread the gnocchi out over the pan so none are stacked.
Stare at them til they turn golden delicious.
Give em a flip to cook the other side, and plate em with coconut curry or parm and herbs.

And here's why the 90s are gone... and why I 'll stop using shoop as a verb.

One of those stupid photo essays on foods that promote weight gain/loss, promoted by Harvard, right here.


  1. um, I shared the potato cupcake thing at school today.

  2. I WAS JUST READING LUCKY PEACH! It's a Momofuku/McSweeney's collaboration. I ate ramen for lunch today to celebrate!

  3. Woooo!!!!! Both of these make me happy

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