22 July 2011


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You are NOT allowed to say pizzettas! without an exclamation point.

Wooo pizza! After this summer I never wanna eat pizza again, except for maybe what Sabina and I put together at her place the other night. About 12 people came over and we had 5 balls of dough, so she brought out the frozen bread rolls and we made her childhood tradition. Pretty much the same as pizza but on a bread roll. To spare you the reading, I'll just tell you the combos:

1. Green apple, walnut, feta, yellow onion, pesto. Yes I'm from Vermont can you tell? Maybe add some honey, sugar sweetie.

2. Spinach rehydrated sundried tomato, feta, pesto.

3. Pepper jack and whatever else you've got lying around on the rolls with olive oil and peppers and such.

4. Pawpaw jelly and spinach and some other fixins… pawpaw is a fruit berry grown in the US that tastes like a strawberry banana papaya.

Honesty it was kinda hot in the kitchen and lovely tristuds brought over soooo many ingredients including a full pineapple that I kinda got tunnel vision and blacked out. I don't remember all the different things. I can tell you that we did use green peppers, live tomatoes (yeah I know), mushrooms, tomato sauce, lotz of cheeze, and that whole foods dough is bigger than falfa's, but ours costs less. Have wine with your pizza and enjoy the full moon outside for me, ok?

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