18 July 2011

Pity Party

Since last August's bike crash calamity, I've visited the dentist a record of thirty seven times in eleven months, using up me AND my entire family's dental insurance for the year. To celebrate I'm throwing a pity party. I made lemon pound cake with a poppy seed top. And there'll be vanilla bean gelato too. I won't be eating because I have post-root canal trauma but I'd love to watch you eat my cake. The catch is you have to drive to my mountain cabin because I'm still painkiller stoned. Rest assured the Cinderella hallucinations have stopped.

WHO: you!
WHERE: my house!
WHEN: now!
WHY: sympathy!/cake!
RSVP: 303-325....oh wait you can't because my phone was stolen!

Can't make it? Don't worry there's a quadruple wisdom tooth extraction party in September!


  1. get a new phone and call me stat. $10 is worth it.

  2. but detective marquez is on the case!

  3. Anddd my house phone can't make calls to vermont area code numbers, it thinks its long distance

  4. whoz marquez? soundz likez az doublez agentz namez toz mez. :0