01 July 2011


When a customer orders a grilled veggie sammich with no cheese, you must remind them that pesto contains parmesan.

When you make pesto at home, you must remember that Sunflower Market Olive Oil is a good investment for cheap students, but it tastes gross. Here's a recipe different than ours by just a little bit.

2 cups basil (we picked ours from our city garden! Read: a tub with dirt and beautiful plants in it)
1 cup parm
3/4 cup olive oil
1 cup pine nuts
garlic ta tastes

This was fun because Bryn's a groovy homegirl taking my shift tonight and I decided that class was optional today. What I'm getting at is that I regaled my parents with work stories for an hour, washed my hair for the first time since Sunday, ate pastries and bread sticks, and watched the new Karate Kid with my sister. I'm pretty sure that Jaden Smith is like 9 and not old enough to be making out with small Chinese girls yet. But I might practice putting on and taking off a jacket for a little bit - that's how he learns Kung Fu.

Again, I give you permission to stop reading, but I've got a few work snipplets (I hope that's not a dirty word) to remember:

Our bomb diggity new busser, Patrick, was asking me about some misspelled labels on the salads in the kitchen, saying things like "Herbal Chicken Salad?! That sounds like something from Cheba Hut!" or "I can't find traditional tuna… but here's some SPACY tuna! Is spacy tuna good? It seems like a good replacement?!"

One customer couldn't stop raving about the eggplant parmesan I made. TO BE SURE, I was bragging about it because I made it in a smaller pan and beefed it up with extra eggplant. But when you're paying $7, you want a little more than spinach and a piece of roasted veg right?

A few custies remembered me and told me so, which made me real happy. It's nice to make people feel like people instead of a customer or an employee.

Now for your moment of zen:

"Did you guys watch Flintstones?"
"I LOVE Flintstone vitamins!"
"I like the Dino ones best!"
"I like BamBam"
"I feel like I'm on acid or something right now…"

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