07 July 2011


ANNOUNCEMENT! Dormet will be demo-ing in the Demo Kitchen at Alfalfa's next Wednesday at dinner time. Stop by between 5 and 7 to see us in action!

Now back to the program...

I was swimming at Lap Swim at Curtis Park Pool today (hours 11-6, because it's impossible to find online) and I found out that Lap Swim means white people swim. That's the most white people I've ever seen there, which illustrates the gentrification project going on over this side of town.

So swimming back and forth, I hear a bunch of yelling and think oh goshdarnit it's thundering and they want us to get out. Not the case. The life guard is yelling at this guy walking by outside the fence who was cussing at someone in the pool. They start this huge yelling match with lots of "I was in this neighborhood way before your white cuss" and "just keep walking sir" and "Imma kill you." Everyone who wasn't gaping at the side of the pool was casually breast stroking to see what was going on. Major buzz kill. I don't think I'm too hot on this phenomenon that they are referring to as "reverse white flight."

That said, I see why I got in trouble last night for trying to ride my skateboard home at midnight. I'm not allowed to do that because it's dangerous. My sister got into some unknown shenanigans - long story short, the rents had to stay up til midnight for us ungrateful miscreants.

Punishment? They made us wake up at 6 in the morning because they had to get up that early. Which means I had enough time to swim, skateboard like 5 miles, wander REI for half an hour, and sew a t-shirt BEFORE making lunch. Here's your Ima Looooser Shell Pasta Recipe:

Saute red onion, jalapeno, and garlic in olive oil til it smells good
Add mushrooms, diced tomato, butter, and a little worcester sauce
Have your shell pasta boiling al dente by now
Make a roux with more milk than cheese, salt, pepper, and flour, and more worcester sauce
Combine everything, add fresh basil, and plate.
You'll be impressed.

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