20 July 2011

Croque means Crunch

I got to practice my francais yesterday with my new custie friend from Paris.

In the spirit of that, le Tour, and French ham in the fridge, here is how to make a Croque Madame for breakfast. Griffin style, that is. 

1. I love bread, but I'm getting kinda tired of eating in six times a day. So we're gonna go with one piece of good for you bread. In the dining hall, grab whole wheat, sourdough, or maybe a croissant from the C4C. Sliced bread is stupid. Those toast well, but you can use whatever you want because "pane rustique" is not a dormet ingredient. If you're really feeling fancy, use munch money to pick up a baguette. 

2. If you're me you're gonna try to cook everything in a little baby pan and you'll mess up the egg. Don't do that. Butter both sides of the bread if it's sliced. If you got something that has a crust on the bottom, just butter the pan and the inside of the bread. At Alfalfa's we use béchamel, but that's a whole other can of worms I'll tell you about in a minute. 

3. Ham n cheese! And you better get thin sliced ham. I'm serious. Cheese goes on the bottom, preferably swiss or gruyere. And make sure the ham is fluffy. Cook this on medium so that the bread can stay on for a whiiiile without burning. 

4. Cook an egg sunny side up. I don't know how to tell you to do that because honestly I'm still learning egg terms. I put water in a lid and cover the egg for a hot minute to steam cook the top a little bit. But I think sunny side up means wavvy gravvy egg. Which, if you want to be respected in the culinary world, you should learn to like. The egg goes on top of the sammich. Don't forget salt and pepper. Have your sister eat it for breakfast because she's your test subject and you're too optimistic about what you make.

This type of thing is a good remedy for listening to three different life stories the day before. I really gotta find my headphones because I had to listen to the "I'm going to control the world as a democratic commune" shtick, a philosophical shtick, and the story of a bipolar schizophrenic for 3 minutes before I fell asleep on the bus. He drew me a picture with his phone number and left it on my seat. I've got about 3 more nights before I'm never taking an 11 pm bus by myself again.

Bechamel: cream + roux

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