26 July 2011

Captain Crunch Revisited

I felt bad about not giving my sister my old gray tank top. But it has a pocket and I really like it. Anyways I decided to make amends by making her some Cap'n Crunch French Toast back from Dormet's first days of life. It's also a celebration that the Captain is NOT being discontinued! His full name is Horatio Magellan Crunch for cereal trivia know-how. So this french toast bizness. It's cool that by now I've made enough french toast to not need a recipe just throw together milk eggs and sugar the elemental structure of life so its not too watery looking. Add vanilla nutmeg and cinnamon to your heart's spice desires. Take some sugared corn and oat squares aka captain crunch put it in a bag and crush with the olive oil bottle on the counter. Dip the frozen rudi's bread from when loaves were buy one get one free. Then press into caramel candy cereal and fry up with some butter thats not too hot otherwise the lil cereal bits'll burn.

The tank top debacle was totally solved. Except she's still wearing the tank top AND I made her breakfast.....hmm. I think she won this one. But I get to put pictures of her looking like a goonie up.
In the dorm how-to:
Fill an apple bag with capn crunch from the dispensers
Grab soy sauce from dinner to use as a rolling pin
Grab butter pats from the sandwich cart
Bread from the bread collection at cforce
Sugar from the coffee bar at bfast
Go to one of the five starbucks within a three mile radius of campus
Steal their cinnamon shaker
Skip the nutmeg
Get your eggs from farrand with munch money
Yerr all set my minions.....jk. I mean students of dormitory culinary sophistication.


  1. besides the fact that there is something drasticallyy wrong with my face in the last picture and in the second picture i feel like the caption should be "do you like see-food?" i L-O-L-O-L-O-V-E THIS BLOG. o and id like to point uot that im wearing the shirt you "didn't" give me. and i spilt delicious syrup on it. hehehe dont hurt me.

  2. meh i didnt read the blog (just looked at the pics) before i posted that coment. well now we're even. i give you a tangtop you dont give me one but i keep it and you make me breakfast and post pictures of me gone wild on the internet. sounds fair. o and i ate 3 pieces and am so stuffed i will probably not eat for the rest of my life (or until you make carrot cake)