16 July 2011

alla Carbonara

I'm gonna cut to the chase again on this one:

First, put this on - it's about the cocaine trade, and we listened to it in one of my classes:

1. Ozo coffee on Pearl and...10th? opens at 6 am. If you have the pleasure of working nice and early, hit it up and ask for a croissant and a cafe au lait or latte. Que tu es francais!

2. My bomb day supervisor started training me on the line yesterday. I'm in love with the industry now.

3. You can get a roll, a carrot, a good piece of cheese, and yogurt for less than $3 and have your bases covered at Alfalfa's. Get the maple brown cow kind because it reminds you of Vermont.

4. As promised... carbonara. Three-point-six minutes of research tells me that no one knows where this 'dish' as they say comes from, but there are several theories. One holds that carbonara is related to coal, so this could be an Italian coalworker's meal.  Or the pepper just looks like coal. My favorite is that Americans used powdered eggs and bacon as bargaining materials and distribution after they served Italy in World War II.

The fun part? You can really make this in the dorms. Promise.

1. Whisk together your eggs from Farrand and some parm. They have that in all the dining halls. You might as well jack a shaker. Get some bacon at breakfast and dice it up.
2. Actually, do that while your water's boiling. Actually, that depends. No, boil water. Steal spaghetti on spaghetti day, or ask for it plain at the C4C. Reheat or cook the noodles in the water, because after you strain them...
3. You're going to put them into the bowl with the eggs. The heat cooks the eggs and you mix it all together and if you've eaten your equivalent of nothing all day it will be delicious. Be sure to add pepper and bacon for traditional. If you're feeling fancy, add your faaaavorite herbs, but be sure to keep it simple.

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