25 June 2011

When You Only Have Half a Blender

I'm really rarely angry. But. I could only find half of the blender today. The pitcher part. No electronic stand base thing in sight. I looked for half an hour and called my mom nine times in a row. She didn't answer. So. There was no way I could make the smoothie my tastebuds were dreaming of. But when I was looking in the fridge for the other blender half, some chicken roasted red pepper sausage caught my eye. Inspiraaaaationn! I cut it up and nuked it put it over a bed of spinach with some diced orange bell pepper, chopped portobello mushroom and crumbled feta cheese. The chilled veggies were supreme. It didn't even need a dressing! The salad was my anger management. And I don't even want a smoothie anymore.

But if you find the other half of my mom's blender I'm offering a $88 reward.
Probably more than the whole blender is worth.
But that's how confident I am that it fell into a black hole vortex and is never returning.

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