07 June 2011

We made the Daily! (You have a hook and I have a hand)

Check out the awesome article by Whitney Bryan at ColoradoDaily.com !

We made peaches and pizza at Jared's place last night so that Mark could photograph us obnoxious college students -
he told us about hunting (it takes 3 hours to take apart an elk), cured bacon (you can wrap meat around it to make it less dry), and fun things to do in Denver (Footloose, farmer's market, and the pool at Curtis Park).

Thanks to you both.

A word on finding a muffin tin in the trash - it was ON TOP of a trash can on the walk home from the bus stop, had like 12 spots, and was totally clean looking. We didn't dig through compost... I'd say it found us.

Here's how to replicate our photo dinner:

Pizza dough from Alfalfa's: $2.75 each

Pesto -buy in bulk, you only need a little bit

Mozz - sliced into medallions

Tomatos - they're delicious and in season!

Cured peppered bacon from Gabriel in Meats! He's super friendly - go say hi.

The pizza pan thing is a myth - you can put dough on whatever you want, and it will still be edible, even if you leave it in the car for 3 hours. We used a cookie sheet.

We cooked it for maybe 20 minutes at 350, then at Mark's direction, broiled the cheese on top for another 3 until I got impatient and had to go back to work.


Slice like an avocado to remove the pit.

Drizzle with honey, cinnamon, and sugar, maybe cayenne if you're feeling spicy.

Sprinkle quartered strawberries all over and bake until everything is soft and you get a nice syrup at the bottom. Save that for whatever you like. (Vanilla ice cream, yogurt, chaser...)

Cost per person: $3. I think we fed about 6 people.

What's next? Food cart Thursday in Denver, a video demo, and some research on peaches with mayo. Stay in touch!


  1. super awesome ladies! love the article...congrats!

  2. Thanks Tessa! Hope all is well, looking forward to stopping by the studio this summer!