19 June 2011

TIP #78: Don't Let Bryn Hold the Egg Carton

Today was one of these days.....

My mom bought 24 eggs.
And when she got home from the grocery store,
she asked me to help carry in the groceries.
Originally I was just going to carry in the case of greek yogurt,
but I was afraid my sister would call me a pansy or
weak or something.
So I grabbed the eggs too.
Then I tried to throw away the chinese food-
that's been in our fridge since before our vacation.
(with yogurt and eggs in hand)
Twenty four eggs went-a-crashing on the garage floor.
My mom said some mommy curses like gudddammmit.
I felt like a three year old.
And there was yolky eggy grossness everywhere.
"Could've dropped anyyything else Bryn?"
And then my sister carried in a box of mixed greens.
And mocked me with a whoooops
and pretended to trip and spill the lettuce.
Ha. Ha. Haaa. Let's all make fun of Bryn.
So, naturally, I punched her in the stomach.
I didn't do it on purpose or anything.
But I drove to the grocery store and bought a new dozen.
Which is more practical than two dozen anyways.

This was a cussing depressing post.
I hope the scrubs clips made you smile at least.
I have a feeling my mom won't be asking me to carry in groceries for a while.

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