02 June 2011

Purple Mountain Majesty

Oh! Your parents chose to live smack dab in the middle of two cities too? So you have to drive a bare minimum of fifteen minutes to the closest grocery store or restaurant? And then chose to remodel the kitchen right when you came home from college? So the only cooking mechanism is a microwave? Well, me too! And it's okay to be bitter for the first week or so, but after that you learn to cope.
Today's treat was a blueberry vanilla almond smoothie. Just ice, frozen blueberries, vanilla extract, and almond milk. Blend it all together and presto! I like to call it a Purple Mountain Majesty. And drink it while admiring the Rockies from our deck while listening to the Mountain-Dew-Code-Red-drinking, Cherry-tobacco-chewing construction men hammer away to the Top 100 on the radio.

Not a bad summer's day. Well off to San Fran for a birthday weekend and an Escape from Alcatraz!


1 comment:

  1. If you had a facebook I'd tell you happy birthday on it. Please leave the attitude in Cali. SAID IT!! Just kidding - have lahts of fun!