10 June 2011


Bryn and I lead parallel lives, but she's going to some island to tell you about some island food. Hopefully. Or the creepy taco from La Fiesta that my mom sent her to the airport with.

SO she'll be out for about a week, which means you get to listen to more Denver stories.

My mom used leftover pizza dough, butter, garlic, peaches, and mozz and honey and cinnamon to make a bomb snack to go with ravioli. It's good to be innovative, but everyonceinawhile you really need those nachos and a coke on the couch with Ed Edd n Eddy.

Or I do - maybe you need twizzlers and Legally Blonde, I don't know.

In any case, be sure to treat yourself sometimes, because caring for yourself is just as important as caring for other people. The former encourages the latter.

Like today, I fed my sister because I got paid and didn't have anyone else to spend money on. Except the guy at Marczyk's who copped me out of a dollar, but he was clever about asking for it, so I guess we both deserved it. Marcyzk's does a cookout every Friday at 5:30 with Niman Ranch beef. Burgers are $7 and totally worth it, because the general manager laughs while he watches you try to park a Jeep and you can load up your burger with cheese, lettuce, tom, and red onions. They even have aioli, which might be the best condiment since butter.

Emily also met me at H Burger, which we've reviewed already - a little overpriced, but the strawberry mint shakes are totally worth it. Wellll.... we made them once.

I'm listening to Hans Zimmer music right now. He did the soundtrack for Pirates, True Love, Inception, and every other great movie.

Maybe he's the reason Johnny Depp is so sexy. (I'm trying to find a more descriptive adjective)t I've had 3 dreams about meeting him now. I'm worried a little bit, mostly because a little bit of me dies everytime I realize it's just a dream. Just kidding. I don't even have any posters of him or anything.

Anyway... maybe I shouldn't have told you about that. I could tell you that skateboarding is a good way to get homeless guys to ask you for a ride, business men to give you a high five, and middle aged women to exclaim how practical you are. I guess being a girl who wears a black backpack with a black tank top on a 20 year old board in Denver is a little different than being a dude on a longboard in a tank top in Boulder.

Here's your recipe for the day:

Make waffles without a recipe. Just add all the ingredients until the batter looks about right. Flour, eggs, milk, butter, baking powder, salt, sugar. It will make you more bold in the long run. Cook the waffles, cut out a hole (egg in the basket is the new term I learned today at work) and add the egg. Feel awesome and do a dance when you flip the whole ensemble without a spatula. Microwave Emily's egg because yours was underdone and she's taking forever to roll herself out of bed.

She'll never know...

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