15 June 2011

A Listology of Sunburnt Thoughts

It's too hard to keep a logical train of thought while typing with my thumbs on a two by four inch screen. Not that I'm complaining about having an iPhone or being on a tropical vacation but I'm just going to number them in a stream of consciousness listology if you don't mind. Oh! But first! Open up another tab and listen to this old favorite of mine in another window because I can'tfigure out how to embed or hyperlink right now. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=smXW36bBm-Y&feature=youtube_gdata_player (Faulkner, feel free to edit it up)
1. Dont look up. Thats what my dad said about being sixty feet under water. Ha ha ha. NOT funny.
2. Our shark count is up to four but my favorite are these boxy brown fish with neon sky blue freckles.
3. The humidity has my hair so curly I might actually be mistaken as the third Griffin daughter.
4. A mixture of mint and cloves on the table keeps the flies away from your food. For a while.
5. Sweet potato coconut is an excellent island soup. And it sounds pretty simple, I'd say just bake some sweet potatoes and then purée it with coco milk and then play with spices.
6. I swam with a baby turtle today it was precious.
7. A dirty banana is a kaluha chocolate banana milkshake. It's a little embarrassing to order but so worth it.
8. You're probably imagining me in a corporate monopolized tourist skyrise but my dad actually rented out a cute little yellow and white beach house. No swim up bar or maids or on demand TV and we grill hamburgers outside.
9. I picked up an orange starfish today because I thought I was dead. It wasn't.
10. We rented a cat yesterday. I meant car but I'm typing this on my phone and cat is such a better story I don't want to backspace.
11. We also rented a car yesterday and it didn't have seatbelts and my dad went about seven feet from driving us into a hundred foot blow hole and we didn't know it until we parked the car and got out. Tourist trap?
12. Blackened shrimp with a mango bell pepper salsa. Two thumbs up.
13. I swam two miles today or about an hour. My dad came looking for me and said I scared him so bad his heart was racing looking for a pool of blood. Aka he thought I had been eaten by a shark. After he rest assured that I was safe he told me to swim the next half mile from buoy to buoy at 95%. That's how my family is.
14. Coconut rum+vanilla vodka+orange juice+mango juice=tropical dream/me passed out for two hours in the middle of the afternoon.

Be back soon!
I may or may not be illegally looting native seashells as souvenirs....


  1. I want to make all of these things when you come come!! It's thundering here but the sun is out. Come back soon. Just kidding - do you get back the 18th? Because that's the anniversary of when I moved here. Or the 21st. We can celebrate either day, probs the 21st, but i want chile rellenos.

  2. I think a multiple family trip is in order...Bryn can decide (depending on the humidity factor) as to the family that best suits her.

  3. inapropro. don't make bryn choose families