14 June 2011

It's Like I'm on Acid...

...because I swear everyone else is on acid.

I don't know what it is about me that says "fellow traveler through the psychedelic cruelties of the nacho universe plains" but there is some magnetic force that tells unstable people to talk to me. Maybe its because I talk back.

I've been doing a lot of talking the past few days, with mixed results. I made a friend, learned about pollution control in Brazil, and talked someone's ear off on the bus. I also got a hand massage.

Obviously I've been in Boulder, not Denver.

One of my customers told me that she was psychic and that she could see cooking in my future. She also saw a lot of Aspen and told me I should go to the festival there (approximate cost: $400) and get a scholarship to cooking school. People like to tell me to not let anyone stop me from cooking. Would anyone like to go on a $400 date? I'll get the gas money.

Ok, food talk.

1. Picnics are fun, especially at Jazz at the Park. I'm disappointed that none of you took me up on that invite. You will. We brought baguette, brie, proscuitto, salami, and ginger beer.

OH! You should know how to make a dark and stormy:
Shot (or less) of Goslings Rum + lime juice + Ginger Beer (look for it by fancy root beer) = summer bomb stellar.

2. Working is sort of fun, but you have to do embarrassing things like put the brats you made last week in your back pack and carry them around while people make meat jokes. You can have them for lunch OR breakfast (or both, if you're me), microwaved (or on the grill at work) and sliced open with deli mustard. Breakfast version: wrap it in a tortilla. See if you can find some maple syrup. I shoulda done that.

3. More eating on the cheap:
On sale yogurt is suuuper inexpensive, and the fat makes it take longer to digest. If you feel like splurging, buy the onsale coconut aloe juice because it has 3 ingredients and still contains aloe pulp. Fun! Cost of breakfast: 1.88 (not including the brat because I bought that last week)
Day Old bagels taste just as cupcakey as Born this Morning ones, so get 4 to eat for your next 4 meals. Justin's is on sale, so you could do that, or they give you cream cheese at the bakery. Buy some good produce, because every meal should have at least 3 colors. I scored a mango. IMPORTANT: look up the edibility of mango skin BEFORE you chew on it.

I'll be seeing yall soon, longs I don't get taken by the crazy bus...

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