12 June 2011

Island time

It's not everyday I get to wake up and swim a mile in the warm Atlantic that's clear as a swimming pool. And then go on a boat where they give you fresh fruit and scuba dive and see two reef sharks, a moray eel, and an old Spanish anchor. And then read Kerouac for two hours until I realized I'm not tan enough to only be wearing SPF 30. now my face is so red it makes my teeth look whiter. Then my super athlete family hadn't had enough activity for the day so when the sun started to set and it was cool enough to run, we tore down the street like track stars. My sister and I got some damnnnns from the locals but we'd never sweated that much in our lives and both laughed when we got back because we knew we were trying to show off. Well that's island life. And I don't want to sound like a brat so I'll remind you I bag groceries for a living and drive a jeep with a quarter of a bumper missing.

But if you want a recipe to make you feel like you're on an island.......
Diced mango
Black beans
Chopped avocado
Jerked chicken (just chicken grilled with jamaican jerk spice which you can buy in a jar at your local grocer....or! Try making your own with all spice, scallions, cloves, garlic and well just put everything in your spice drawer in there)

Put it all together in a tortilla or on a bed of mixed greens. Mine came with a jalapeño vinaigrette but a basic balsamic would probably do the trick.

Wish you were here,

Ps. My sister pointed out Nemo being taken away by that dentist with the cuckoo niece is totally implausible. Every scuba diver has to take a three minute break at fifteen feet deep when ascending. Therefore marlin would've caught Nemo and saved him. Or the dentist would be dead in a decompression chamber. Get it straight pixar.

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