01 June 2011

Ideas for Krista (and the restayall)

OK team, from here on out I will try to convey how you can actually make the things we post about.

I was talking to the guy next to me on the bus today because he saw my sweet wheels and assumed I was actually competent with the kick push thing. Turns out he graduated from Western and likes baking, so we had lots to talk about, including our dislike for the pretentious attitude that swims through BoCo like steam coming out of the sewer vents in Denver. (I'm reading Even Cowgirls Get the Blues)

We also talked about the things I've been wanting to do: tube down the creek, climb some rocks, go night hiking. Some of my friends have brought up how they want to get better at cooking over the summer, so here I am! I will help you with your summer goal!

Here's one day to get you started:

Oatmeal. More for you that don't like it.

1. Boil the proportion of water and oats it tells you on the box. Eventually you'll guestimate like I do - its a matter of preference.

2. Add the oats once the water is boiling, turn down the heat until it barely boils, and stir to make sure nothing burns to the bottom. This shouldn't happen, because the steam will make holes in the oats. When enough water has cooked off to your taste, bowl it.

3. This is where you have fun. I added cayenne pepper, honey, and a little vanilla and half and half for something more exciting. But it's really up to you- just pretend like you're making a sundae. If you want something really bomb, come see me in Colorado in July and slice up a peach too.

Lunch: Sammy.

Everyone should know how to make a decent sandwich. It's impressive when you can pull together a good one and you can make one for any meal.

1: Choose a bread. Do you do that?
2: Choose a condiment: sierra nevada dijon is really really good. So is maple syrup.
3: Choose your veggies: lettuce tomato onion pickle avocado apple peppers…
4: Do you dairy? Cheese helps keep you full! Cheddar muenster provolone - did you know that cheese is always white, the yellow is just dye?
5: Do you do meat?

Again, just like making a sundae! If you don't do meat, gluten, or dairy, you should probably just stop eating and drink water.

Dinner: Pasta.

You can mix whatever you want in - but fresh pasta is best.
1: Boil noodles
2: While those are going, saute some veggies in a pan with oil. Onion, squash, zucchini, asparagus, peppers - add what you like! You'll know they're done when they start to brown and soften.
3. Mix it alllll together. Add butter, because it is the Earth's greatest fruit of all. And spices. Those are good too. (Basil and mint and rosemary)

Drank: Ginger Tea
Get the bark off the root or whatever.
Cut it up and put it in a strainer (the ginger)
Add honey and lemon juice to taste in your hot water!
Then put ice cubes in it because it's hot out.

Krista, is that a good start? Do you have questions? You should totally get a google account and follow us so you can post what you think, unless you're afraid of China stealing your passwords, because that's been happening a lot with Google.

Second point of business: You should all try chicken adobo. It's a filipino delicious that you make with garlic lemon salt vinegar bay leaves etc. You'll have to look it up because my mom made it, not me.

Third point: Get to your nearest hippy store and buy some aloe vera juice. It's totally awesome, has tons of health benefits, and it the funnest way to drink hair gel. Also dream about ceviche. I'll try to make some soon.

Fourth point: Stop worrying about what's not in your food (gluten, sugar, corn, etc) and seek out the things you like. It's depressing and grating to hear people complain about limited options when they limit themselves. Take joy in eating what people have been venerating for centuries. It will make your mind and body happy.

Fifth point: It's kind of embarrassing writing the words "my mom" all the time because I feel immature still living at home (even though it's standard) but the upside is she's pretty cool. So cool, in fact, that she walked me into a bar last night. All you bar goers should check out the match box in Denver on 26th and Larimer - loud music and foosball up front, outdoor section out back with boche and good graffitis. And she just found me a place to go - who wants to go to a dive bar? I'm a lucky Irish girl.

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