29 June 2011

Here Fishy Fishy

The sweetest words my mom has ever said, "I'll pay for groceries if you cook...."
I said, "Hellz yes, my mother."
My culinary imagination was like an out of control merry-go-round.
My friend in produce let me try a packham pear.
Melts in your mouth, delish.

And that was the motivation for the rest of the meal.
And he let me in on a little secret, the ones all bruised on the outside are the best on the inside.
Don't judge a pear by it's skin. Hah.

What do you put with pear? Feta cheese? Sure, I did and it jelled well.
Now protein.....hmm, Salmon! My favorite from my pescatarian days.
But salmons been done.
I bought some sesame sticks from the bulk section and crushed them with the olive oil bottle.
Brushed the fishy with some butter, honey, brown mustard concoction I made up and pressed on the sesame stick crust.

Roasted cauliflower and asparagus with olive oil and sea salt.
Cook the salmon ten minutes per inch. (1.5 inches=15 minutes.)
Plate the roasty veggies, put the crusted salmon on top and then put on the feta and fresh pears.
Ten stars my mom said.

Spark Notes: Buy sesame sticks from the bulk section and crush em, put them on fish for a nice crunchy-saltastic crust.

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