22 June 2011



So I pulled the trigger on a shotgun last week - a bunch of times. And I even hit a few things with the bullet. My coworkers were nice enough to bring me along to Left Hand Canyon, which was totally beautiful, and put up with all my newbie questions about 'how do you do that with this thing' and 'why can't i reload it?'

They made chicken adobo and fajitas after, and I think adobo is my new favorite way to eat chicken, because it least resembles the chickens that I spear regularly with rotisserie skewers. They crack real nice when you push the upper region onto the stick. Also it just tastes really good - I'm going to try to make it this week when I'm not working. Which may be never. Anyway, eat your fajitas with your favorite brand of Mexican beer, such as Tecante.

I heard from my old camp friend's mom that Kiniya is having a reunion this summer while I'm in VT, which reminded me of this brilliant campfire activity:

Wrap one of those bread rolls that pops out of pressurized cardboard around a stick and cook it over the fire. If you make your own butter, which you can do with heavy cream shaken in a jar for ten minutes like a shakeweight, you've got yourself a nice gelatin free version of smores. By that I mean dinner. I really want one now… does anyone want to go camping?

Here's another recipe for you in your summer folly seeking -

I'm not going to tell you how to make pancakes, because either you have your own way of doing it or Bisquick tells you how every Saturday, but I will tell you this:

Strawberries are on sale right now because they're going out of season. And since the ones at not-so-safeway don't taste good, you can turn them into a fruit syrup! Cooking them into a reduction breaks down all the fiber and nutrients so you are left with a delicious sweet sauce for your pancakes when Aunt Jemima is all you can find in your pantry, you sinner. Get some real maple syrup and support your northern neighbors.

Oh you still wanted the recipe? Ok…

Strawberries or whatever's in your freezer or in season:

Cook 'em over medium heat until the juice leaches out and the fruit is soft. We added some water because apparently steam cooking is the fastest way to do it.

If you want, you can add some sugar and butter for something a little richer. The sauce should be a little thick.

One of my coworkers shared some leftovers with me last night - working with people who know how to cook is awesome. It was his making so I'm not going to try to get all recipe knowledge with his food, but I will say that you should make some braised short rib this summer with corn relish.

Zen moments for the day:

My bus driver has honked at approximately 5 cars on the way up to Boulder. She told a passenger asking which bus to take that "You can ride me right now" and regularly tells us that for safety, we should keep our voices down when talking to each other. This is all on the same highway that I can drive 80 on practically legally while dancing to Superbass.

A customer asked me if I liked the thin or the really thick meatloaf sammich better. I turned red, threw a sandwich at him, and ran away.

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