01 June 2011

Golden Mush

Here's your next good pick-up line:

These studs know all about pickup lines.

Have YOU heard of Teff?

Just kidding - you should never say that, especially when you've been hanging out at work on your fifth day off for two hours. TO BE SURE, I was stranded in Boulder waiting for Bryn to finish work/eat dinner with me (which she didn't) so I just got sucked in to the break room as one person came in and another left.
We discovered Teff, Rye bread, Oat Milk (tastes like oatmeal cookies) and Hemp Milk (tastes like melted pudding).

Teff is an ancient grain that can be cooked up like any other, and has a lot of iron, which is good for college age females.

You can add it to veggies or other grains for extra nutrition. COOL!

Running the country

We reverted to dorm lyfe last night. All that was in the fridge was cooked fingerling potatoes and ricotta from my last cooking adventure (you should actually look at that link because it's got a really good song), so I brought them to work. Mash them together, add some butter from the freezer, and microwave 45 seconds. Italian mashed potatoes! Golden mush. You get your complex carbs AND fat and a little protein. Not bad, at least you'll stay full. Toast to that with Oat Milk with your coworker from the Meat section.

Ok, I know you're all dying to hear this story.
Joe Griffin, my great great great uncle or something, moved to the Wisconsin coast from Skerries, Ireland and worked as a ship builder until age 18, when he enlisted in the Union Army.
He joined Sherman's March through the South, destroying the Confederate Army until he was taken prisoner.
Joe escaped the famous prison in Virginia and got involved in some cattle rustling in Montana where he made it big finding gold. When that didn't work, he found his way to Peru, where he became the only survivor in some gold wars. He fled back west, where he finally died at the Battle of Little Big Horn.

True story. It's all on his gravestone.

Uh that's a lie actually, not the gravestone part but the truth part. Elements of reality, if you need to know.

I'm taking a comparative politics class and getting involved with some enviro action - in that spirit, check this out:

peace and luh, yall

Do you know what's been in YOUR corn?

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