08 June 2011

Go Heart Your Own City

I saw an angsty I<3NY style tshirt that said that. But how can you not love San Francisco? I mean it was abysmally colder than Colorado and rained for two of the days but the buildings and the people and the food all seemed so carefully crafted. I took 214 photos there but that would probably cause dormet.blogspot.com into a clustercuss. I narrowed it down to like forty of me and Alexander's pictures, so if you'd like- listen to this and watch the slideshow a time or two. Check out the teddy bear shaped bread from a bakery on Fisherman's Wharf! And that little scarfed girl is my sister being a movie star teenage drama queen. And when you put oats, chocolate chips, cayenne, chocolate milk in the microwave and then add a scoop of coconut ice cream during break, it makes me glad to be home

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  1. That little sister of your is so happy! She makes me smile!