28 June 2011


It's hot in Boulder, hotter in Denver, and hottest next to the grill.

And I'm bored with the word hot - please submit a synonym for the word. If your synonym is good, I'll make you a milkshake, because I heard that song again yesterday.

You could submit that on our F*cebook page, which you may choose to like. If you like.

I bet you're looking for a recipe, huh? Well, since I hate chicken I've been eating it every day since Sunday, which was Salsa night at City Park Jazz.

Here's how to make a good variation on Chicken Adobo, because my mom doesn't like boiling it.

Since neither of us is Filipina (even though you might mistake my mom for my not white roommate)
we sort of used a recipe for this one.

1/2 cup any kind of vinegar
1/2 cup soy sauce
mince up the shallot you thought was garlic at first (mom why is this garlic purple?!)
mince up a ton of garlic
add the left over lemon juice from the lard pie you baked
3 bay leaves

Let your Roadkill Rooster (deboned chicken from Marczyk's) marinate in this for a little bit while you try to find Tank Girl at the sketchy comic book store on Colfax. Word on the street is an RTD bus hit someone there yesterday, so maybe you should be careful when travelling that side of town. Get a new Atmosphere CD too, but forget it in the car RIGHT before you head to Boulder for a week.

When the time comes, braise the chicken over low heat for a long time. I don't know how long, because I think me and my attitude went to go shoot hoops or something.

When the chicken is cooked, shred it up. From here, if I were you, I'd eat it like that, or even whole still, but my mom tossed it with corn, red onion, and some peppers I think. Skip the red onion, because it will overpower the chicken.

Since the theme is salsa caliente, you should probably make the spicy peaches you've been dreaming about, huh?

6 peaches (even though they're gross and mealy, they'll get good with sugar. Or just be patient and wait til they're in season)
A TON of sugar in the raw
--Toss this all together in a bowl, and add to the pie crust you made out of lard and butter. Follow Julia Child's method.

Make a really quick crumble to go on top - oats, brown sugar, butter til everything's all crumbly.
Bake at 350 for 45 minutes.

Tip of the day: NEVER BUY TUPPERWARE. Save the $3 to buy me a mocha and use peanut butter or jam jars instead.

Other tip of the day: Do yourself a favor and go to Mexico City on 21st and Larimer in Denver. Get a fried taco. You're welcome.

You're allowed to stop reading now, this is more for my benefit, but you're welcome to tag along on this memory.

Well... I guess do yourself another favor. Go to the hippy gas station on the way to Eldorado, but you're not allowed to go without me because I love it there. Apparently its because my mom used to take me as a baby. Weird sorry you didn't need to know that.

Anecdote time: back in the day when we spent 8 hours at the pool every day eating cherries, reading Harry Potter, and playing colors, we'd test our bravery by challenging each other to do stuff off the diving board. I literally spent an entire summer working up the courage to do a flip. My sister spent it trying to do a back dive. If she would do it, our mom promised, Emily would go home with a butterfinger. Emily usually didn't do it and got kind of upset (this might've happened to me a few times) but she nailed it eventually.

So, fastforward like ten years later and I'm standing backwards on the edge of the board with like ten people smiling encouragingly including my mom, who'd just done her own back dive with two metal rods in her spine. I'm doing this adrenaline scaredy dance and everyone is staring. I breathed out and did it, and I didn't get a butterfinger. But I did get an empty Pringles container. Rockies game, here I come.


  1. Torrid, fervent, sultry... I want a malt please.

  2. Sizzling, boiling, burning, steaming, roasting....working in the kitchen has already changed my vocabulary. I want those ice cream bon bons from alfalfas next time we work together but I'll pay halfsies.

  3. What the cuss is an ice cream bon bon? And Sabina, totes. How do you feel about breakfast malts...?

  4. I want an ice cream bon bon....