06 June 2011

Big Twelve

Minus the Pack Ten equals the Big Two Pack.

As in, I've got a lot going on the next two days. The Colorado Daily is doing a story on Dormet! So they're coming to take pictures of us cooking at our friend Jared's house tonight, an event for which my bombtastic employer is letting me skip out on work for two hours.

That being said, I'm also working both days, going to class, and attending a couple meetings tomorrow. So it's a heavy Tupac of days!

Mom don't listen to this.

Just a couple notes for you then:
1. People's Fair in Denver: massive Turkey legs, sweet corn, samosas, Jamaican food that sold out, and a whole lot of junk.

1.a: How to get a deal: Stare at the soap ends that are on sale long enough that the guy sells you 5 for $5, instead of 1.75 each. That's how this thug operates.

2. Sunday jazz at City Park: massive lots of people, being white does not make you a majority or a minority, volley ball, beer, and cool food trucks like Cream City Treats - have you ever had a lemon pistachio ice cream sandwich?

3. Coconut rum french toast and sausage for breakfast. Two days in a row.

4. The Wahoo's downtown is awesome. Bring a sticker to put on the wall. They do runs on Tuesdays and you get a free #1 combo.

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