29 June 2011

Here Fishy Fishy

The sweetest words my mom has ever said, "I'll pay for groceries if you cook...."
I said, "Hellz yes, my mother."
My culinary imagination was like an out of control merry-go-round.
My friend in produce let me try a packham pear.
Melts in your mouth, delish.

And that was the motivation for the rest of the meal.
And he let me in on a little secret, the ones all bruised on the outside are the best on the inside.
Don't judge a pear by it's skin. Hah.

What do you put with pear? Feta cheese? Sure, I did and it jelled well.
Now protein.....hmm, Salmon! My favorite from my pescatarian days.
But salmons been done.
I bought some sesame sticks from the bulk section and crushed them with the olive oil bottle.
Brushed the fishy with some butter, honey, brown mustard concoction I made up and pressed on the sesame stick crust.

Roasted cauliflower and asparagus with olive oil and sea salt.
Cook the salmon ten minutes per inch. (1.5 inches=15 minutes.)
Plate the roasty veggies, put the crusted salmon on top and then put on the feta and fresh pears.
Ten stars my mom said.

Spark Notes: Buy sesame sticks from the bulk section and crush em, put them on fish for a nice crunchy-saltastic crust.

28 June 2011


It's hot in Boulder, hotter in Denver, and hottest next to the grill.

And I'm bored with the word hot - please submit a synonym for the word. If your synonym is good, I'll make you a milkshake, because I heard that song again yesterday.

You could submit that on our F*cebook page, which you may choose to like. If you like.

I bet you're looking for a recipe, huh? Well, since I hate chicken I've been eating it every day since Sunday, which was Salsa night at City Park Jazz.

Here's how to make a good variation on Chicken Adobo, because my mom doesn't like boiling it.

Since neither of us is Filipina (even though you might mistake my mom for my not white roommate)
we sort of used a recipe for this one.

1/2 cup any kind of vinegar
1/2 cup soy sauce
mince up the shallot you thought was garlic at first (mom why is this garlic purple?!)
mince up a ton of garlic
add the left over lemon juice from the lard pie you baked
3 bay leaves

Let your Roadkill Rooster (deboned chicken from Marczyk's) marinate in this for a little bit while you try to find Tank Girl at the sketchy comic book store on Colfax. Word on the street is an RTD bus hit someone there yesterday, so maybe you should be careful when travelling that side of town. Get a new Atmosphere CD too, but forget it in the car RIGHT before you head to Boulder for a week.

When the time comes, braise the chicken over low heat for a long time. I don't know how long, because I think me and my attitude went to go shoot hoops or something.

When the chicken is cooked, shred it up. From here, if I were you, I'd eat it like that, or even whole still, but my mom tossed it with corn, red onion, and some peppers I think. Skip the red onion, because it will overpower the chicken.

Since the theme is salsa caliente, you should probably make the spicy peaches you've been dreaming about, huh?

6 peaches (even though they're gross and mealy, they'll get good with sugar. Or just be patient and wait til they're in season)
A TON of sugar in the raw
--Toss this all together in a bowl, and add to the pie crust you made out of lard and butter. Follow Julia Child's method.

Make a really quick crumble to go on top - oats, brown sugar, butter til everything's all crumbly.
Bake at 350 for 45 minutes.

Tip of the day: NEVER BUY TUPPERWARE. Save the $3 to buy me a mocha and use peanut butter or jam jars instead.

Other tip of the day: Do yourself a favor and go to Mexico City on 21st and Larimer in Denver. Get a fried taco. You're welcome.

You're allowed to stop reading now, this is more for my benefit, but you're welcome to tag along on this memory.

Well... I guess do yourself another favor. Go to the hippy gas station on the way to Eldorado, but you're not allowed to go without me because I love it there. Apparently its because my mom used to take me as a baby. Weird sorry you didn't need to know that.

Anecdote time: back in the day when we spent 8 hours at the pool every day eating cherries, reading Harry Potter, and playing colors, we'd test our bravery by challenging each other to do stuff off the diving board. I literally spent an entire summer working up the courage to do a flip. My sister spent it trying to do a back dive. If she would do it, our mom promised, Emily would go home with a butterfinger. Emily usually didn't do it and got kind of upset (this might've happened to me a few times) but she nailed it eventually.

So, fastforward like ten years later and I'm standing backwards on the edge of the board with like ten people smiling encouragingly including my mom, who'd just done her own back dive with two metal rods in her spine. I'm doing this adrenaline scaredy dance and everyone is staring. I breathed out and did it, and I didn't get a butterfinger. But I did get an empty Pringles container. Rockies game, here I come.

25 June 2011

When You Only Have Half a Blender

I'm really rarely angry. But. I could only find half of the blender today. The pitcher part. No electronic stand base thing in sight. I looked for half an hour and called my mom nine times in a row. She didn't answer. So. There was no way I could make the smoothie my tastebuds were dreaming of. But when I was looking in the fridge for the other blender half, some chicken roasted red pepper sausage caught my eye. Inspiraaaaationn! I cut it up and nuked it put it over a bed of spinach with some diced orange bell pepper, chopped portobello mushroom and crumbled feta cheese. The chilled veggies were supreme. It didn't even need a dressing! The salad was my anger management. And I don't even want a smoothie anymore.

But if you find the other half of my mom's blender I'm offering a $88 reward.
Probably more than the whole blender is worth.
But that's how confident I am that it fell into a black hole vortex and is never returning.

22 June 2011



So I pulled the trigger on a shotgun last week - a bunch of times. And I even hit a few things with the bullet. My coworkers were nice enough to bring me along to Left Hand Canyon, which was totally beautiful, and put up with all my newbie questions about 'how do you do that with this thing' and 'why can't i reload it?'

They made chicken adobo and fajitas after, and I think adobo is my new favorite way to eat chicken, because it least resembles the chickens that I spear regularly with rotisserie skewers. They crack real nice when you push the upper region onto the stick. Also it just tastes really good - I'm going to try to make it this week when I'm not working. Which may be never. Anyway, eat your fajitas with your favorite brand of Mexican beer, such as Tecante.

I heard from my old camp friend's mom that Kiniya is having a reunion this summer while I'm in VT, which reminded me of this brilliant campfire activity:

Wrap one of those bread rolls that pops out of pressurized cardboard around a stick and cook it over the fire. If you make your own butter, which you can do with heavy cream shaken in a jar for ten minutes like a shakeweight, you've got yourself a nice gelatin free version of smores. By that I mean dinner. I really want one now… does anyone want to go camping?

Here's another recipe for you in your summer folly seeking -

I'm not going to tell you how to make pancakes, because either you have your own way of doing it or Bisquick tells you how every Saturday, but I will tell you this:

Strawberries are on sale right now because they're going out of season. And since the ones at not-so-safeway don't taste good, you can turn them into a fruit syrup! Cooking them into a reduction breaks down all the fiber and nutrients so you are left with a delicious sweet sauce for your pancakes when Aunt Jemima is all you can find in your pantry, you sinner. Get some real maple syrup and support your northern neighbors.

Oh you still wanted the recipe? Ok…

Strawberries or whatever's in your freezer or in season:

Cook 'em over medium heat until the juice leaches out and the fruit is soft. We added some water because apparently steam cooking is the fastest way to do it.

If you want, you can add some sugar and butter for something a little richer. The sauce should be a little thick.

One of my coworkers shared some leftovers with me last night - working with people who know how to cook is awesome. It was his making so I'm not going to try to get all recipe knowledge with his food, but I will say that you should make some braised short rib this summer with corn relish.

Zen moments for the day:

My bus driver has honked at approximately 5 cars on the way up to Boulder. She told a passenger asking which bus to take that "You can ride me right now" and regularly tells us that for safety, we should keep our voices down when talking to each other. This is all on the same highway that I can drive 80 on practically legally while dancing to Superbass.

A customer asked me if I liked the thin or the really thick meatloaf sammich better. I turned red, threw a sandwich at him, and ran away.

21 June 2011

Red Fruit

It's too nice out to blog. And I'm on day 3 of 5 days at work.

So go make this and then go play outside.


Cut it all up and bring it with you in a peanut butter jar.

Then make a lemon coconut pie out of lard, and see how you feel about consuming animal fat.
If you can do it, I'm proud of you.

19 June 2011

TIP #78: Don't Let Bryn Hold the Egg Carton

Today was one of these days.....

My mom bought 24 eggs.
And when she got home from the grocery store,
she asked me to help carry in the groceries.
Originally I was just going to carry in the case of greek yogurt,
but I was afraid my sister would call me a pansy or
weak or something.
So I grabbed the eggs too.
Then I tried to throw away the chinese food-
that's been in our fridge since before our vacation.
(with yogurt and eggs in hand)
Twenty four eggs went-a-crashing on the garage floor.
My mom said some mommy curses like gudddammmit.
I felt like a three year old.
And there was yolky eggy grossness everywhere.
"Could've dropped anyyything else Bryn?"
And then my sister carried in a box of mixed greens.
And mocked me with a whoooops
and pretended to trip and spill the lettuce.
Ha. Ha. Haaa. Let's all make fun of Bryn.
So, naturally, I punched her in the stomach.
I didn't do it on purpose or anything.
But I drove to the grocery store and bought a new dozen.
Which is more practical than two dozen anyways.

This was a cussing depressing post.
I hope the scrubs clips made you smile at least.
I have a feeling my mom won't be asking me to carry in groceries for a while.

17 June 2011

2nd Breakfast

1. Don't decorate your house.
2. Wear either all white or all black.
3. Slice a banana in half but not all the way through.
4. Nutella....
5. The rest of the syrupy blueberries from 2 weeks ago.
Healthy! Just kidding. It's second breakfast though, so it doesn't matter.

15 June 2011

A Listology of Sunburnt Thoughts

It's too hard to keep a logical train of thought while typing with my thumbs on a two by four inch screen. Not that I'm complaining about having an iPhone or being on a tropical vacation but I'm just going to number them in a stream of consciousness listology if you don't mind. Oh! But first! Open up another tab and listen to this old favorite of mine in another window because I can'tfigure out how to embed or hyperlink right now. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=smXW36bBm-Y&feature=youtube_gdata_player (Faulkner, feel free to edit it up)
1. Dont look up. Thats what my dad said about being sixty feet under water. Ha ha ha. NOT funny.
2. Our shark count is up to four but my favorite are these boxy brown fish with neon sky blue freckles.
3. The humidity has my hair so curly I might actually be mistaken as the third Griffin daughter.
4. A mixture of mint and cloves on the table keeps the flies away from your food. For a while.
5. Sweet potato coconut is an excellent island soup. And it sounds pretty simple, I'd say just bake some sweet potatoes and then purée it with coco milk and then play with spices.
6. I swam with a baby turtle today it was precious.
7. A dirty banana is a kaluha chocolate banana milkshake. It's a little embarrassing to order but so worth it.
8. You're probably imagining me in a corporate monopolized tourist skyrise but my dad actually rented out a cute little yellow and white beach house. No swim up bar or maids or on demand TV and we grill hamburgers outside.
9. I picked up an orange starfish today because I thought I was dead. It wasn't.
10. We rented a cat yesterday. I meant car but I'm typing this on my phone and cat is such a better story I don't want to backspace.
11. We also rented a car yesterday and it didn't have seatbelts and my dad went about seven feet from driving us into a hundred foot blow hole and we didn't know it until we parked the car and got out. Tourist trap?
12. Blackened shrimp with a mango bell pepper salsa. Two thumbs up.
13. I swam two miles today or about an hour. My dad came looking for me and said I scared him so bad his heart was racing looking for a pool of blood. Aka he thought I had been eaten by a shark. After he rest assured that I was safe he told me to swim the next half mile from buoy to buoy at 95%. That's how my family is.
14. Coconut rum+vanilla vodka+orange juice+mango juice=tropical dream/me passed out for two hours in the middle of the afternoon.

Be back soon!
I may or may not be illegally looting native seashells as souvenirs....

Getchyo swimsuit outchyo booty

That's what the little girl's mom told her at the pool today.

How is this food related? Because it's hot out, and that means you should get some ice cream from Curtis Park Creamery. If you live in Boulder, get some Ciao Bella ice cream sandwiches or popsicles. If you live in VT, get a Klondike bar.

And if you live where I do, go half a block to the right to the new Curtis Park Deli where you can get sweet action ice cream, eggs, hope hummus, ice tea, good meat and cheese, and agave nectar. Cuss yeah!!

We've reached the part in our program called Tip of the Day!

Today's tip: How to not fall asleep at work -
1. Eat the top part of a jalapeno with all the seeds in it. Challenge your coworkers to see who can chew on it the longest.
2. Play with rubber band balls.

All these summery shenanigans remind me of back in the day when we used to go to cross country camp. We may or may not have had a little ritual that involved sterilizing a needle with a match, piercing someone's ear with a lemon, and sending them home with a nice pair of Claire's earrings. Or was that Parent Trap?

We'd like to conclude this program with two recipes:
1. Cinnamon toast when you don't feel like spending money -
snag two bread ends because no one likes them
butter and toss on the flat top
sugar goes on top of one, carrot hummus sample spread goes on the other. Bombtastic!
2. Croque Madame minus the bread:
two eggs+ham+cheese = perfect remedy for eating nothing but bread for 24 hours. Enjoy!

p.s. You should all know this song, I can't believe it's not more popular...

14 June 2011

It's Like I'm on Acid...

...because I swear everyone else is on acid.

I don't know what it is about me that says "fellow traveler through the psychedelic cruelties of the nacho universe plains" but there is some magnetic force that tells unstable people to talk to me. Maybe its because I talk back.

I've been doing a lot of talking the past few days, with mixed results. I made a friend, learned about pollution control in Brazil, and talked someone's ear off on the bus. I also got a hand massage.

Obviously I've been in Boulder, not Denver.

One of my customers told me that she was psychic and that she could see cooking in my future. She also saw a lot of Aspen and told me I should go to the festival there (approximate cost: $400) and get a scholarship to cooking school. People like to tell me to not let anyone stop me from cooking. Would anyone like to go on a $400 date? I'll get the gas money.

Ok, food talk.

1. Picnics are fun, especially at Jazz at the Park. I'm disappointed that none of you took me up on that invite. You will. We brought baguette, brie, proscuitto, salami, and ginger beer.

OH! You should know how to make a dark and stormy:
Shot (or less) of Goslings Rum + lime juice + Ginger Beer (look for it by fancy root beer) = summer bomb stellar.

2. Working is sort of fun, but you have to do embarrassing things like put the brats you made last week in your back pack and carry them around while people make meat jokes. You can have them for lunch OR breakfast (or both, if you're me), microwaved (or on the grill at work) and sliced open with deli mustard. Breakfast version: wrap it in a tortilla. See if you can find some maple syrup. I shoulda done that.

3. More eating on the cheap:
On sale yogurt is suuuper inexpensive, and the fat makes it take longer to digest. If you feel like splurging, buy the onsale coconut aloe juice because it has 3 ingredients and still contains aloe pulp. Fun! Cost of breakfast: 1.88 (not including the brat because I bought that last week)
Day Old bagels taste just as cupcakey as Born this Morning ones, so get 4 to eat for your next 4 meals. Justin's is on sale, so you could do that, or they give you cream cheese at the bakery. Buy some good produce, because every meal should have at least 3 colors. I scored a mango. IMPORTANT: look up the edibility of mango skin BEFORE you chew on it.

I'll be seeing yall soon, longs I don't get taken by the crazy bus...

12 June 2011

Island time

It's not everyday I get to wake up and swim a mile in the warm Atlantic that's clear as a swimming pool. And then go on a boat where they give you fresh fruit and scuba dive and see two reef sharks, a moray eel, and an old Spanish anchor. And then read Kerouac for two hours until I realized I'm not tan enough to only be wearing SPF 30. now my face is so red it makes my teeth look whiter. Then my super athlete family hadn't had enough activity for the day so when the sun started to set and it was cool enough to run, we tore down the street like track stars. My sister and I got some damnnnns from the locals but we'd never sweated that much in our lives and both laughed when we got back because we knew we were trying to show off. Well that's island life. And I don't want to sound like a brat so I'll remind you I bag groceries for a living and drive a jeep with a quarter of a bumper missing.

But if you want a recipe to make you feel like you're on an island.......
Diced mango
Black beans
Chopped avocado
Jerked chicken (just chicken grilled with jamaican jerk spice which you can buy in a jar at your local grocer....or! Try making your own with all spice, scallions, cloves, garlic and well just put everything in your spice drawer in there)

Put it all together in a tortilla or on a bed of mixed greens. Mine came with a jalapeño vinaigrette but a basic balsamic would probably do the trick.

Wish you were here,

Ps. My sister pointed out Nemo being taken away by that dentist with the cuckoo niece is totally implausible. Every scuba diver has to take a three minute break at fifteen feet deep when ascending. Therefore marlin would've caught Nemo and saved him. Or the dentist would be dead in a decompression chamber. Get it straight pixar.

11 June 2011

Morning Glory

I found out something beautiful at 7:00 am this morning.

On the bright sunny green in the clean air surrounded by friends and family, I decided that I absolutely hate golf.

I hate polos, I hate tight shorts, I hate the fakey grass, and that some lazycuss decided it would be a good idea to invent a sport with zero running in it.

I should have just been hacking at the ground with a pickaxe, because I was definitely uprooting more grass than making contact with the ball. My sister also pegged her golf ball at me three times, such that I could hear it as it passed by my head.

Carlo told me to hold back my inner Tarzan (and at a different time my inner gorilla) and to hit the ball like a lady. He said a lot of the following:

We had fun.

But we didn't eat until 11, which means breakfast and lunch were consumed at the same time.

Which was ok because we made egg and sausage breakfast burritos with tomato green pepper cheese and red onion - pressed for classiness in the panini maker, and candy bacon. There was also some lemon coconut pie made with lard that I don't know anything about except that a lot of it is running through my veins.

Emily and I also might have snarfed a donut at not so Safeway. Best donut I've ever had, but not worth it because it really didn't taste that great. I hope you understand me when I say that.

10 June 2011


Bryn and I lead parallel lives, but she's going to some island to tell you about some island food. Hopefully. Or the creepy taco from La Fiesta that my mom sent her to the airport with.

SO she'll be out for about a week, which means you get to listen to more Denver stories.

My mom used leftover pizza dough, butter, garlic, peaches, and mozz and honey and cinnamon to make a bomb snack to go with ravioli. It's good to be innovative, but everyonceinawhile you really need those nachos and a coke on the couch with Ed Edd n Eddy.

Or I do - maybe you need twizzlers and Legally Blonde, I don't know.

In any case, be sure to treat yourself sometimes, because caring for yourself is just as important as caring for other people. The former encourages the latter.

Like today, I fed my sister because I got paid and didn't have anyone else to spend money on. Except the guy at Marczyk's who copped me out of a dollar, but he was clever about asking for it, so I guess we both deserved it. Marcyzk's does a cookout every Friday at 5:30 with Niman Ranch beef. Burgers are $7 and totally worth it, because the general manager laughs while he watches you try to park a Jeep and you can load up your burger with cheese, lettuce, tom, and red onions. They even have aioli, which might be the best condiment since butter.

Emily also met me at H Burger, which we've reviewed already - a little overpriced, but the strawberry mint shakes are totally worth it. Wellll.... we made them once.

I'm listening to Hans Zimmer music right now. He did the soundtrack for Pirates, True Love, Inception, and every other great movie.

Maybe he's the reason Johnny Depp is so sexy. (I'm trying to find a more descriptive adjective)t I've had 3 dreams about meeting him now. I'm worried a little bit, mostly because a little bit of me dies everytime I realize it's just a dream. Just kidding. I don't even have any posters of him or anything.

Anyway... maybe I shouldn't have told you about that. I could tell you that skateboarding is a good way to get homeless guys to ask you for a ride, business men to give you a high five, and middle aged women to exclaim how practical you are. I guess being a girl who wears a black backpack with a black tank top on a 20 year old board in Denver is a little different than being a dude on a longboard in a tank top in Boulder.

Here's your recipe for the day:

Make waffles without a recipe. Just add all the ingredients until the batter looks about right. Flour, eggs, milk, butter, baking powder, salt, sugar. It will make you more bold in the long run. Cook the waffles, cut out a hole (egg in the basket is the new term I learned today at work) and add the egg. Feel awesome and do a dance when you flip the whole ensemble without a spatula. Microwave Emily's egg because yours was underdone and she's taking forever to roll herself out of bed.

She'll never know...

09 June 2011

On the Cheap

So either I'm paranoid or getting recognized or full of myself, because I think Bryn and I are getting looks. We definitely were the other day at The Cup when we were giggling about the article - it was kinda fun watching people put together the pieces as they read the paper. I hope they didn't think us too immature.

It may be obvious by now that I don't love paying more than $5 for a meal at any one time unless its super quality, which means I don't spend a lot of time eating out here. On days when I stay up here overnight though, that means packing like 3 or 4 meals, and carrying tuna around for 5 hours is kinda awkward.

So check it out: I know this is another oatmeal story, but you can do it with any dried grain.

Put all your ingredients in a bag - oatmeal and chocolate chips, ramen, or anything that comes in a package labeled instant.

Forgive me for advocating instant food. I'll work on this and get back to you with my results.

Anyway, pour your instant into a coffee cup and ask at the coffee shop, 7-Eleven (as my dad says regularly, they're popping up ALL OVER Denver), or the gas station for hot water. Add some half and half or creamer if that's what you're into.

Done. You're fed pretty decent (soluble fiber found in pasta and grain keeps you full) for less than a dollar. Oats or grain are easy to pick up at your market of choice (uhmmm bulk section at Alfalfa's) if you're trying to save room in your backpack.

What's that? You still got time to kill in Boulder? The library has photoshop, computers, and books. After you do your homework and post things to your blog, you can go run or play games outside, and, as long as you're taking a class, you can shower so as to be "odor neutral" for work at the Rec Center. They even have towels, so you don't have to worry about that hitchhiker towel carrying trick.

Don't forget to put your salad in the fridge at work - this is another good one.

All the minced veggies go in the bottom of a thermos or wide water bottle. Maybe put in some dressing too. Add the leaves on top. Flip it upside down when you're ready for dinner. Cool! Space efficient and better than any other salad that comes in a plastic container! If you don't have dressing, snag some salt and pepper from the coffee shop you've been inconspicuously occupying for two hours.

Marcus taught me a thing or two about Fettucini the other night and it was the best lesson ever, complete with vocab, demo, and student involvement. Isn't that the ideal lesson plan?
I'm not sure if I'm allowed to give it all away, but here's the gist.

Always start with your garlic and shallots (or green onions). Once the aromatics get going, you can add your veggies. They'll absorb the fond that sticks to the bottom of the pan and your oil, so you should add a little more. Then you do some butter because that makes everything better. If you're using dry herbs, I think this is the time to do it. Add the pasta and some white wine. Taste for heat, salinity, mouth feel (fancy term for fat content), and add the fresh herbs on top. The noodles get twirled up and plated, while everything else (veggies/sauce) is poured on top since they don't do the twist.

It was so cool. Then some old lady called Alana a 'strumpet' for no reason, a derogatory term for women that sounds like crumpet, so we joked around about creamy pastries. Inappropriate.

I'll leave it at that with a recommendation to try Continental Beer Brats from Marczyk's in Denver and to pick up some Peanut Butter M&Ms. They're my favorite, along with Granite Tower, 6th Street, The Black Keys/The Knux, Jamie Hewlett, and the 60s.

Soapy Rail Stomp

Sad Weather Colorado

I woke up on the roof of ultra-mod Griffin abode.
I remember telling Faulkner as we were falling asleep the sky looked green like peas.
She told me it was my eyesight. Or the city lights' reflection.
Cosmic irony that the fog came in in the morning, thick as pea soup.
Well, we tried to override the weather with breakfast hot dogs, one overeasy egg each and a slice of toast.
Faulkner covered the hotdogs and the eggs, I handled the toast.
She has kitchen superiority because she's some twenty days older than me.
It worked for a while. It was a happy morning breakfast.
And we wanted to top it all off with a midmorning pb m&m run.
But Una was out.
Major letdown.
Faulkner skated away to catch the bus.
And left her sister and I as accused emotionless Wes Anderson characters.
But she said it affectionately.

And last night!
Eight piece folk band at the merc.
The banjo player had a hot mullet.
And the lead singer was so loud we could here her from three blocks away.
And she played the saw.
And and and pizza. So much pizza.
Mountains of delicious vegetables and proteins.
Faulkner should add the pictures when she gets home from class.
Hopefully somebody gets her to a foodcart soon or she might hurt someone.

08 June 2011

Go Heart Your Own City

I saw an angsty I<3NY style tshirt that said that. But how can you not love San Francisco? I mean it was abysmally colder than Colorado and rained for two of the days but the buildings and the people and the food all seemed so carefully crafted. I took 214 photos there but that would probably cause dormet.blogspot.com into a clustercuss. I narrowed it down to like forty of me and Alexander's pictures, so if you'd like- listen to this and watch the slideshow a time or two. Check out the teddy bear shaped bread from a bakery on Fisherman's Wharf! And that little scarfed girl is my sister being a movie star teenage drama queen. And when you put oats, chocolate chips, cayenne, chocolate milk in the microwave and then add a scoop of coconut ice cream during break, it makes me glad to be home

07 June 2011

We made the Daily! (You have a hook and I have a hand)

Check out the awesome article by Whitney Bryan at ColoradoDaily.com !

We made peaches and pizza at Jared's place last night so that Mark could photograph us obnoxious college students -
he told us about hunting (it takes 3 hours to take apart an elk), cured bacon (you can wrap meat around it to make it less dry), and fun things to do in Denver (Footloose, farmer's market, and the pool at Curtis Park).

Thanks to you both.

A word on finding a muffin tin in the trash - it was ON TOP of a trash can on the walk home from the bus stop, had like 12 spots, and was totally clean looking. We didn't dig through compost... I'd say it found us.

Here's how to replicate our photo dinner:

Pizza dough from Alfalfa's: $2.75 each

Pesto -buy in bulk, you only need a little bit

Mozz - sliced into medallions

Tomatos - they're delicious and in season!

Cured peppered bacon from Gabriel in Meats! He's super friendly - go say hi.

The pizza pan thing is a myth - you can put dough on whatever you want, and it will still be edible, even if you leave it in the car for 3 hours. We used a cookie sheet.

We cooked it for maybe 20 minutes at 350, then at Mark's direction, broiled the cheese on top for another 3 until I got impatient and had to go back to work.


Slice like an avocado to remove the pit.

Drizzle with honey, cinnamon, and sugar, maybe cayenne if you're feeling spicy.

Sprinkle quartered strawberries all over and bake until everything is soft and you get a nice syrup at the bottom. Save that for whatever you like. (Vanilla ice cream, yogurt, chaser...)

Cost per person: $3. I think we fed about 6 people.

What's next? Food cart Thursday in Denver, a video demo, and some research on peaches with mayo. Stay in touch!

06 June 2011

Big Twelve

Minus the Pack Ten equals the Big Two Pack.

As in, I've got a lot going on the next two days. The Colorado Daily is doing a story on Dormet! So they're coming to take pictures of us cooking at our friend Jared's house tonight, an event for which my bombtastic employer is letting me skip out on work for two hours.

That being said, I'm also working both days, going to class, and attending a couple meetings tomorrow. So it's a heavy Tupac of days!

Mom don't listen to this.

Just a couple notes for you then:
1. People's Fair in Denver: massive Turkey legs, sweet corn, samosas, Jamaican food that sold out, and a whole lot of junk.

1.a: How to get a deal: Stare at the soap ends that are on sale long enough that the guy sells you 5 for $5, instead of 1.75 each. That's how this thug operates.

2. Sunday jazz at City Park: massive lots of people, being white does not make you a majority or a minority, volley ball, beer, and cool food trucks like Cream City Treats - have you ever had a lemon pistachio ice cream sandwich?

3. Coconut rum french toast and sausage for breakfast. Two days in a row.

4. The Wahoo's downtown is awesome. Bring a sticker to put on the wall. They do runs on Tuesdays and you get a free #1 combo.

02 June 2011

Purple Mountain Majesty

Oh! Your parents chose to live smack dab in the middle of two cities too? So you have to drive a bare minimum of fifteen minutes to the closest grocery store or restaurant? And then chose to remodel the kitchen right when you came home from college? So the only cooking mechanism is a microwave? Well, me too! And it's okay to be bitter for the first week or so, but after that you learn to cope.
Today's treat was a blueberry vanilla almond smoothie. Just ice, frozen blueberries, vanilla extract, and almond milk. Blend it all together and presto! I like to call it a Purple Mountain Majesty. And drink it while admiring the Rockies from our deck while listening to the Mountain-Dew-Code-Red-drinking, Cherry-tobacco-chewing construction men hammer away to the Top 100 on the radio.

Not a bad summer's day. Well off to San Fran for a birthday weekend and an Escape from Alcatraz!


01 June 2011

Ideas for Krista (and the restayall)

OK team, from here on out I will try to convey how you can actually make the things we post about.

I was talking to the guy next to me on the bus today because he saw my sweet wheels and assumed I was actually competent with the kick push thing. Turns out he graduated from Western and likes baking, so we had lots to talk about, including our dislike for the pretentious attitude that swims through BoCo like steam coming out of the sewer vents in Denver. (I'm reading Even Cowgirls Get the Blues)

We also talked about the things I've been wanting to do: tube down the creek, climb some rocks, go night hiking. Some of my friends have brought up how they want to get better at cooking over the summer, so here I am! I will help you with your summer goal!

Here's one day to get you started:

Oatmeal. More for you that don't like it.

1. Boil the proportion of water and oats it tells you on the box. Eventually you'll guestimate like I do - its a matter of preference.

2. Add the oats once the water is boiling, turn down the heat until it barely boils, and stir to make sure nothing burns to the bottom. This shouldn't happen, because the steam will make holes in the oats. When enough water has cooked off to your taste, bowl it.

3. This is where you have fun. I added cayenne pepper, honey, and a little vanilla and half and half for something more exciting. But it's really up to you- just pretend like you're making a sundae. If you want something really bomb, come see me in Colorado in July and slice up a peach too.

Lunch: Sammy.

Everyone should know how to make a decent sandwich. It's impressive when you can pull together a good one and you can make one for any meal.

1: Choose a bread. Do you do that?
2: Choose a condiment: sierra nevada dijon is really really good. So is maple syrup.
3: Choose your veggies: lettuce tomato onion pickle avocado apple peppers…
4: Do you dairy? Cheese helps keep you full! Cheddar muenster provolone - did you know that cheese is always white, the yellow is just dye?
5: Do you do meat?

Again, just like making a sundae! If you don't do meat, gluten, or dairy, you should probably just stop eating and drink water.

Dinner: Pasta.

You can mix whatever you want in - but fresh pasta is best.
1: Boil noodles
2: While those are going, saute some veggies in a pan with oil. Onion, squash, zucchini, asparagus, peppers - add what you like! You'll know they're done when they start to brown and soften.
3. Mix it alllll together. Add butter, because it is the Earth's greatest fruit of all. And spices. Those are good too. (Basil and mint and rosemary)

Drank: Ginger Tea
Get the bark off the root or whatever.
Cut it up and put it in a strainer (the ginger)
Add honey and lemon juice to taste in your hot water!
Then put ice cubes in it because it's hot out.

Krista, is that a good start? Do you have questions? You should totally get a google account and follow us so you can post what you think, unless you're afraid of China stealing your passwords, because that's been happening a lot with Google.

Second point of business: You should all try chicken adobo. It's a filipino delicious that you make with garlic lemon salt vinegar bay leaves etc. You'll have to look it up because my mom made it, not me.

Third point: Get to your nearest hippy store and buy some aloe vera juice. It's totally awesome, has tons of health benefits, and it the funnest way to drink hair gel. Also dream about ceviche. I'll try to make some soon.

Fourth point: Stop worrying about what's not in your food (gluten, sugar, corn, etc) and seek out the things you like. It's depressing and grating to hear people complain about limited options when they limit themselves. Take joy in eating what people have been venerating for centuries. It will make your mind and body happy.

Fifth point: It's kind of embarrassing writing the words "my mom" all the time because I feel immature still living at home (even though it's standard) but the upside is she's pretty cool. So cool, in fact, that she walked me into a bar last night. All you bar goers should check out the match box in Denver on 26th and Larimer - loud music and foosball up front, outdoor section out back with boche and good graffitis. And she just found me a place to go - who wants to go to a dive bar? I'm a lucky Irish girl.

Golden Mush

Here's your next good pick-up line:

These studs know all about pickup lines.

Have YOU heard of Teff?

Just kidding - you should never say that, especially when you've been hanging out at work on your fifth day off for two hours. TO BE SURE, I was stranded in Boulder waiting for Bryn to finish work/eat dinner with me (which she didn't) so I just got sucked in to the break room as one person came in and another left.
We discovered Teff, Rye bread, Oat Milk (tastes like oatmeal cookies) and Hemp Milk (tastes like melted pudding).

Teff is an ancient grain that can be cooked up like any other, and has a lot of iron, which is good for college age females.

You can add it to veggies or other grains for extra nutrition. COOL!

Running the country

We reverted to dorm lyfe last night. All that was in the fridge was cooked fingerling potatoes and ricotta from my last cooking adventure (you should actually look at that link because it's got a really good song), so I brought them to work. Mash them together, add some butter from the freezer, and microwave 45 seconds. Italian mashed potatoes! Golden mush. You get your complex carbs AND fat and a little protein. Not bad, at least you'll stay full. Toast to that with Oat Milk with your coworker from the Meat section.

Ok, I know you're all dying to hear this story.
Joe Griffin, my great great great uncle or something, moved to the Wisconsin coast from Skerries, Ireland and worked as a ship builder until age 18, when he enlisted in the Union Army.
He joined Sherman's March through the South, destroying the Confederate Army until he was taken prisoner.
Joe escaped the famous prison in Virginia and got involved in some cattle rustling in Montana where he made it big finding gold. When that didn't work, he found his way to Peru, where he became the only survivor in some gold wars. He fled back west, where he finally died at the Battle of Little Big Horn.

True story. It's all on his gravestone.

Uh that's a lie actually, not the gravestone part but the truth part. Elements of reality, if you need to know.

I'm taking a comparative politics class and getting involved with some enviro action - in that spirit, check this out:

peace and luh, yall

Do you know what's been in YOUR corn?