17 May 2011

When the Moon Hits Your Eye Like A Crab Rangoon

Focaccia! Ay mama.......and I made the dough almost all by myself. Now you silly little children might be wondering how, well have no fear bryneee is here! And we just told you how last week so click here and go to roman numeral deux and save my breath. Next Faulkner's mom sprinkled the dough with tomatoes and garlic and cheese and something green and maybe fairy dust because it was MAGICAL. By the way my sister knows how to doooogie. She says it doooogie like she lives in a primarily white neighborhood and eats organic potato chips. Which she does. SEE FOR YOURSELF
CHECk out this pie!

Next lets talk about the MOON. Did you see it last night? She's a beauty. I have so many moon quotes I can't keep them to myself. When I first saw the glowing rock, I danced around like a ballerina and sang, "Whennnnnnn the Moon hits your Eyyye like a biG Pizzah pie, that's ammmore." Don't know where that came from. Faulkner blames the moon power. Which made me think of Cat Stevens. Moon Shadow....."I'm being followed by a moonShadow, moonSHadow, moonSHADow MoonshadOw." And the best ever quote about moons ever, which high-school Bryn considered tattooing on her...."Hey there missus lovely moon, you're lonely and you're bluee. It's kinda strange the way you change but then again we all do tooooo." Mr. Devendra Banhart wallows that and him and my dad are probably glad I reconsidered that one. Finally ze crab rangoons. Crab, creamcheese, green onions, deep fried. Yes it was hot and it splattered but Faulkner didn't yell at me like when we made beignets. While I'm bragging about myself, TWO cashiers claimed I was the best bag girl in Boulder. That's right, if I could frame that and hang it on the fridge I would. SPEAKing of things you hang on the fridge, I hope you saw my wonderful co-blogger on the cover of the Daily today. What a hero. AND *bonus* just incase you didn't get to see because you left Boulder for the summer, or you don't read- here's the pic for yuh. So candid camera............! (I always thought it was candy camera when I was a little squirt so now I have weird word associations with cameras and candy.....)

I think eating macaroni for dinner and hanging out with a 13 year old makes me hyper because I never talk this much.

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  1. that totally made me smile! (bring that 13 year old over here for some cooking lessons!)