11 May 2011

Summer School

Dormet is going to summer school. Self imposed summer school actually.
And it's free. And you can follow along too. We would love that.

Here's the stitch.
Two weeks dedicated to a humanities study of each decade. We're kicking it off with the 40's. We're a little behind because of this whole thing called responsibility, which manifests in us each working partish/fullish time at a lil grocery store up in a teeny town you might of heard of called Boulder. Mind, neither of us are living in Boulder which means commuting is our new fave past time, totally.

So, the 40's.
Field trip: Swing dancing
Music: Glenn Miller, Bing Crosby, Frank Sinatra, Ella Fitzgerald...
Movie: Citizen Kane
Style: Menswear
Food: TV dinner (we'll recreate it of course)

Um, ready set go?

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  1. I'm SO ready now that I can think!