12 May 2011

Sketchy as Cuss

Here is how to make grilled asparagus.

Throw it on the grill and turn it over after marinating it a little bit.

Watch your arm turn red and blotchy from the heat.

You know it's done when it is "The brightest of greens."


On your 45 minute bus ride home, listen to Odessey and Oracle by the Zombies.

DO NOT listen to your iPod on the 17 minute walk through the sketch tastic ghetto.

I'm making that too light. Be very aware while you walk down park ave and 22nd at midnight.

I passed some old scary looking guys smoking on the corner that weren't just the friendly crazies that say things like
"Where they gotchu cookin at girl? I thought you was a cook" with a towel on his head or
"You all out of school for the summer? Take care baby girl!" but more like....


I looked at one guy's face and he was rough- older, no emotion, just smoking in the rain.

At the other corner, some one was walking toward me with his hood up while two big guys walked after him saying Aqui!!

There was a massive group right behind them on the corner just hanging out, and a couple people in sleeping bags.

I think something was going down. Either way,
a) stop worrying about walking home at night in Boulder or Burlington, you'll be fine.
b) someone please pick me up tonight/tell me a different way to get home. Thanks.

On a lighter note - a Mirabelles style breakfast waited on a cutting board. Baguette in brown paper two eggs in a bowl to be cooked and a stick of butter. Apricot jam = perfect.

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