29 May 2011

Road Trip

I didn't even watch Bryn's poetry post.
More out of spite than anything else.

Maybe I'm so spiteful because I'm a total foodie now. Which is not always good.

Here's how I discovered that useful information.

I drove 8 hours Southeast with my family to the Griffin Farms Family Reunion.

The Griffin Farms are in Rockport, Missouri, but we're staying in Nebraska City.... Nebraska.
And you have to drive through Iowa to get between the two.

The farms are a huge operation dedicated to the big commodity crops: corn and soy. Maybe wheat, but I'm not sure. I'll talk more about them later, once I get pictures up because a lot of what we saw was the story discussed in Food Inc. Super interesting stuff.

Anyway. We got dinner at this Arbor Day Lodge where we're staying. It's actually really beautiful, and all the dirt smells like Vermont.

Here's the catch: the restaurant is just a nicety. The bread was obviously shipped in by Sysco, the kids meals came with Jello (cute), and the silverware matched the meals only in quality. Price targeting in hotels and movie theaters... I'll leave it at that.

Everything did taste good though, and my salad had apples, cherries, AND hazelnuts on it. Yersh.

English muffins were twice the size as usual, but who doesn't like a cantaloupe sandwich in the morning?
My mom told me to go get a plate, so I made the mature decision to stuff the entire 6 pieces in my mouth at once. No plate for me!

I actually did that with a banana on the way out - everyone complained that it smelled bad, so I ate more than half in one bite.

The last road trip we took I did the same thing with cherries. Huh...

Ok so here's where the food gets good -
Barbeque. If you ever find yourself in Nebraska City, go to Parker's. It's next to the museum with the confederate flag. Get the pork because it's not super fatty like the brisket, and they have 5 kinds of sauce that they draw on a plate for you to try with steak fries. I memorized them because I heard the waitress do the spiel twice while her apprentice looked on. Unfortunately the skinny as a stick host was not our waiter, but he did ask if my dad liked meat. Then he recommended somthing called a Pit or a Club, which he said was kind of girly.

House, Featured, Hot, Texas something, and Liquid Gold.

Dinner was at my Aunt Janet's beautiful house in Rockport - the biggest rotisserie steaks and chicken I have ever seen, and on wheels too!

And I finally found the bottle that goes beneath those cool bottle caps I kept finding on the lawn at Sewall- I think it's Boulevard Brewing Company. I poured one in a green cup so as not to offend anyone, and played badminton with Emily. I only spilled a little bit.

Stay tuned everyone - Griffin family history is up next. Incas! Gold! Indians! The Civil War! Ireland! Business school! Corn!!!

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