10 May 2011

Oatmeal for People that Don't

My friend Eric once said,
"The only people that like oatmeal are those that like raisins and brown sugar."

Ha. Clever.

We figured out a way to make this gray mass worth your while.

1. Buy some quality stuff like Bob's Red Mill 5 grain in a little bag. Less packaging = less garbage bill for YOU, not the planet.

2. Boil water, add the oatmeal. This is common. Leave it a little soupy, but let most water boil out.

3. Add everything in your pantry. A tilt of vanilla, clock of coconut shreds, spoon dash of malt powder, sliced fresh strawberries, shredded mint, frozen blueberries, and a tiny bit of half and half. Finish it with a squeeze of honey.

That's how you make oatmeal, Boulder. And yes, it does contain gluten. Eat it.

Side note- thanks for the spinach and mushrooms Sabina. They were delicious with scrambled eggs on toast when my maternal unit ran off to the Rockies game with -still- ZERO food in the house.


  1. You are 19! And look! It taught you something!!!

  2. No I'm 18. And I'm working and going to the doctor on my birthday. I would like malts on Sunday night!