15 May 2011

Knives Knives, 10 More Seconds to Choose Your Knife!

Faulkner got a sharp set of knives for her birthday. Oh my goddess, pun intended. I heard a Naropa-instructor herb-enthusiast say that one today. The "oh my goddess" part. Kind of cute in a Boulder liberal, I would never say "oh my god" way. Anyways, because I'm 18 and 11/12 (which a co-worker equated to me being more like 6 years old) but anyways we still name inanimate objects. So so, we took the time to name each of her new knives.

Here we go!
1. Starting with the knife sharpener, that's Adrien Brody because he's skinny like a rod.
2. The king knife is George Clooney, because he's king in her eyes.
3. The serrated bread knife is Ash. Because he's different. Like Ash from Fantastic Mr. Fox wooo funky arm movements.
4. The big one is Lebowski. Because Big Lebowski, and Faulkner's love for the man Jeff Bridges.
5. Then we've got Dalli, from the Outsiders. He was the last one named. Hence- outsider. Kidding I haven't even read the book so I don't get the reference but I don't mind shooting the bull like I do.
6. Then the scissors. Which are Johnny Depp cause Edward Scissorhands scissors scissors yeah great movie.
OK. Stick with me.
7. 8. 9. Then we've got the three girls: Yoko Ono (Beatles tribute kinda?) Tina Fey! and Khadija
10. 11. 12. 13. And then the four steak knife brothers: Adams, Black, Atticus, and Bobby Fuller!

AND! Here's James Franco's best work. You've got to got to watch. Maybe not family-friendly but essential to the post.

Lots of Love,

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  1. HARDY HAR HAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THAT FUN KNEE!!!!!!!! No. Seriously. I laughed out loud. Except I don't like knifes. Dead serious. Alive serious. Bryny remember last summer when I got an irrational fear of knifes? I think this is where it started! Right after I saw this video!!! Have fun with your knifes Faulkner, put them to good use ;) Happy Burthday!.